Would You Risk Crossing the Sahara Desert with an Old Car...? [A Movie Review]

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I started to watch this movie without any idea of the story and without having any expectation about it... All I knew is that one of lead actors was Jean Reno who usually appears in good movies and always delivers a credible performance. I'm glad I picked up this flick as it's a nice and really funny hidden gem. 😊

The plot is a simple one: Tocho, Jean Pierre and Joseba are old friends who used to travel together when they were younger. After losing touch with each other for a few decades, Tocho receives a letter from Joseba's wife, saying that Joseba is living in Mali and is almost at his deathbed. She asks him to pay him a visit before Joseba passes away.

Tocho and Jean Pierre team up with a girl named Ely, who's Joseba's daughter... and the three of them leave on a road trip through Africa on a Renault 4L from the late 1970's. To reach Mali they must travel to Morocco and cross the desert in a ride nearly 4000 km long. That's not an easy feat in any car, let alone in an old Renault 4L!

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What could go wrong? As you can imagine, lots of things can go wrong... and sure enough, they do. The trio get themselves into all kinds of troubles and adventures in Africa, particularly in the Sahara's Desert. They meet some interesting characters, from a Spanish hashish dealer to a Japanese Toyota engineer. Some of the guys help them out when they get themselves into trouble - while other acquaintances are the source of more problems. 🤣


IMDB Link: 4 Latas (2019) by Gerardo Olivares

Jean Pierre is an eccentric old man who needs to go to the bathroom more times than normal... Tocho is a brutish man who seems to be always in a bad mood and constantly with a joint between his lips... and Ely is a rebellious young girl who feels that life has been going badly for her and acts as she has nothing to lose. Three people that couldn't be any more different from each other.

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The cast was very well picked in my opinion. The main trio of characters, Jean Pierre, Tocho and Ely were played by Jean Reno, a Moroccan actor who's been living in France since very young; Hovik Keuchkerian, who was born in Libano and has been living in Spain since he was 3 years old; and last but not the least, Susana Abaitua, a Spanish actress.

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The movie is spoken mostly in Spanish but there are also a few parts in French and Afrikaans, so subtitles are a must.

The landscape of Africa is where the majority of the adventure takes place, so you can be sure the scenery is awesome all through the movie. 😎

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Overall, this is a sweet comedy with a few bits of drama which will keep you smiling through most of the time.

I rate it with an 8 out of 10.

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This review has peaked my interest, now to find somewhere I can watch it for free online, shouldn't be a problem.

Seems like nothing short of a casual Paris-Dakar rally.

Yeah, I'm only watching on Netflix because I got a good deal. Otherwise I wouldn't be using it, it's quite expensive for what they offer. 🤑

lol, another one? Come on, who can keep up with you? 😁

This one is very funny. It's well worth the watch. 😄

Noted in my ledger 😄

This is in Spanish. I understand Spanish pretty well but still, would prefer English or Italian 😐

I love Spanish cinema. 😁

I'm not a big fan of Spanish language but I may make an exception in this case (most for you 😡) if you say it's good. Or can I find an English version 😁

Ahahah! What's your problem with Spanish after all? I find it so melodic, unlike German, Polish or French, for example. 😝

I associate the language with those cheap soap operas for some reasons and don't like it. No offense.
German is a nice language but the grammar is pretty complicated. Polish wouldn't be my choice, but I could learn it. French? I did 11 years of French in school 😁 😁

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Very interesting and how come you pick up so much time to watch and review them 😜
Your 8 seems a definitely enjoyable movie 😊
Thanks for sharing, btw will joseba be alive when they reach him ? 😁😁
Curious to know before I watch

I have no wife or kids... so, plenty of time to do whatever I please! 🤭

btw will joseba be alive when they reach him ?

I guess you'll have to find that out by yourself. I hate giving out spoilers! 🤗

I knew ur ans for second a d first one I expected 🤣🤣
Happy man!

This sounds delightful! Thanks for putting it on our radar! 😁

You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

That one looks like fun ;)

Yep, it's a very funny story.

To be honest, I haven't watched any single movie in the last 3 months😥

Why's that...? Kids?

Not really. I could say no time.😅

Ahahahahah! Even if I had the time, I don't think I'd risk it. It seems quite suicidal to try crossing the desert with such a small crew! 😲

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 13 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

From the title and from the images it looks like comedy to me. Then you add more summary about it and made me convinced that it is. Actually, I was laughing while reading your review. Nice

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Interesting... I was thinking to watch a movie, maybe tonight I will watch it... I like the storyline...

This one is really funny. It's a pity that Russia hasn't got cinema like the Spanish... it would make learning it a lot easier. 🤔

They have movies I think but I don't know their name :(

Yes, they do... but more dramas and action, not as many comedies as the Spanish. 😉

I think they love actions, maybe that's why...

Sometimes I watch Drama or Action movies, too... but since there's already so much drama and violence in the world, most of the times I pick a comedy.

I will admit, I skimmed through most of this post, for fear of getting spoiled! I do love old cars, and desert rallies though this looked more like an adventure than a race. I love the premise of it, and I'll be bookmarking this for what the watch next. If only they'd chosen an old Peugeot to cross to Mali instead, since those things are bulletproof! I guess I'm also watching this because Jean Reno's in it. Such an awesome actor :-D

I'd probably pick a Toyota Corolla, if the decision was mine! 😄

No worries, I try not to spoil the movies in my reviews. I hate when people spoil them for me, as well! 😆

Thanks for dropping by!

Haha, I'm bookmarking this post for later reading, once I've finished watching the movie. It'd hate it for a good post to go unread like that! A Corolla would make an excellent choice, for sure! Deserts can't kill the Land Cruiser, so a Corolla would make it there easily 😁

Looks like a fun movie. Thanks for sharing.

It sure is. I had plenty of laughs! 😄

This is actually an interesting movie. I enjoyed it, just like I enjoy most of Jean Reno's movie. I may be bias being french though ☺

I'm not French and I like him, too! 😄
Thanks for stopping by!

no. In real life, I won't unless its absolutely necessary. But they have to make a movie so yeah,in the movie, the actors needed to cross the desert! hahahaha

Ahahahah. I think they can fake it. Who knows what really happened in the filming? Maybe they shot everything at the entrance of the desert. 🤣


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