Ready Or Not (2019): Let's Get Married and Play Hide and Seek!

Hey friends! Shei here. :)
In this post I'm going to share my views on the movie which is entitled, "Ready or Not". Before we get to that, I'd like to share how I got to know the film.

Last Sunday, I had a videochat with my bestie and we were just talking about random stuff, especially about the situation of the Philippines and the US (since she lives in the US). And then, we got to the topic of using the warning siren from the movie "The Purge" as a warning siren before curfew in some places.

My bestie isn't very much into horror/thriller movies especially the grotesque ones. On the contrary, I am a bit psychotic and find satisfaction when watching grotesque films... well, mostly horror/psychological thrillers.

And so she asked me, "Have you watched "Ready or Not?". Well, I haven't so we watched the official trailer. I thought the concept was interesting, so later that day, I decided to watch it.


In the movie, the main character... the bride is about to get married to the man of her dreams. The groom's family is very famous and well-known for creating various types of games. Because of that, when an outsider becomes a part of the family, they usually have a ritual of playing a game. It starts at midnight of the wedding day and ends until dawn.

The game is decided by a card which will randomly be picked by a certain box they got from some ancestor of some sort.

First, they put an empty card inside the box... push/turn something on it... and the card will come out with the name of the game they're ought to play. Sometimes, the games are just plain board games or simple ones. Unfortunately though, the newly-wed bride got the card that hasn't appeared for the past 30 or so years... and that is HIDE AND SEEK.


The thing for Hide and Seek is that, the bride will hide while all the other family members hunt seek her, in an awful kind of way. The thing is, if the bride isn't found/killed before dawn, the whole family will experience unfortunate things. Here's the official trailer below.


Well, the story was interesting... and the jump scare is there. However, I didn't really enjoy it as much as I watched Escape Room or maybe Final Destination. It was bloody, yes! But, I wanted more. (Or maybe I'm just used to grotesque movies)... there was a comedy element on the movie as well. However, when it comes to films like this, I'd rather it be serious or psychological.

I still recommend it though. It's for those who are interested in watching thrillers who are scared of watching hardcore ones. haha

I guess I should watch "The Purge" next time when I have more free time. :) Do you guys have any Psychological horror/thriller movies you recommend? Feel free to comment below. :)