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"There is no spoilers for the movie."

Animation movies always have a special pleasure for me, because I enjoy the colors, movements and everything in them as if they were simulating a realistic and natural movie.

Many films attracted me to this type of film, most notably The Dinosaur, in which I found feelings that made me cry and did not imagine that I was affected by the drawings to this extent.

As for our film today, it is of a new type that combines several elements, including adventure, science fiction and drama, all of which have been combined into one film.

Have you ever thought about going to the moon?
In a wonderful animation film directed by Glan Kenny and produced by Stephen Price, Pearl Studio presented us with a wonderful animation movie.

In one of the rarities that we might find, a Chinese-American-style film offered us great fun and a new adventure, but is the movie worth watching?

Let's talk about this in our review ...


The story

The story of the movie tells us about a girl named Fei Fei who lives in peace with her father and mother and has not faced any problems at all, and his life was going very quietly. That girl whose father works as a confectioner and lives with her mother and loves her very much, but unfortunately, her mother dies.

After four years has passed, her father loves one and decides to marry, but Fei Fei is very angry at that and she does not like that after four years her father forgets the memory of her mother's death, so she decides something fictional to prevent her father from this marriage, so what did Fei Fei do?

According to ancient Chinese myths, Fei Fei decided to build a rocket and travel to the moon, and there a new adventure begins. Will Fei Fei succeed in her mission and what will he meet with her there?
This is what you will see .....



The movie, as we told it, has a new and fun story and contains many adventures and thrills, and as you think from the previous words, it may be a high-class animation movie, but slow down.

In spite of that, the film is not the best thing in terms of the story or the escalation of events or dramatic motives. As we see, the story or artistic plot is not convincing at all, and the escalation of events in the film is not as required.

In the end, we say that the film, although it is not realistic, is just an animation movie as it is a science fiction, but that did not intercede for him in respecting the viewer's mind, so the story could have been much better.

Perhaps the movie, if you did not read this viewing, will not attract you greatly, but in the middle of the events of the film and even before the end with the beginning of the ascending to the moon and entering the world of imagination and the appearance of very distinctive characters, the songs and the wonderful atmosphere that began to fill the film were very good.

Another point is that the film will feel that you have seen it before, in terms of graphics and visuals in the film, but this may be due to the fact that the film director had technically participated in most of the Disney films.



We come to another point, and a bit of fairness, the film is visually beyond the excellent, as the studio provided us with great graphics and cheerful colors, which from my humble point of view is the best thing in the film away from the story and events.

If you like dazzling graphics, you will not look at the events at all, and you will notice that accurately. If you watch the movie in the highest quality possible, you will notice the subtle details and colors woven with great precision.

The quality of his photography on the screen was very, very impressive.

In the end, Over The Moon is a film that is not absolutely excellent, but it has many very good elements and I think if these points are examined, then a much better next movie will be produced.

My rating for the movie ... (7/10)

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This is a nice movie to share with the little ones in the house. Where they will enjoy the colors and the songs that this movie offers us.

yes it is