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"Our greatest fear is not that we do not fit in, our greatest fear is that we have excessive force. It is our light and not our darkness that scares us the most."

This is a famous phrase from a very good movie that I saw today, where he tells us that there are many people who are afraid to shine in order to succeed, who prefer to be in the dark without being seen, passing by, knowing that we can give more, but we fear get out of our comfort zone.


Summary of the movie

This is a movie that tells the stories of some high school youth who are in a basketball group, they have a new coach, this is Ken Carter, but he realizes that this youth team has no discipline, their studies do not have the best. qualifications, this before starting their practice presents a contract detailing that they must attend their class schedules and have a minimum average of 2.3.


Carter's practice routines are very different from those of the other coaches, there is a very strong discipline that must comply with the letter, apart from the fact that the plays of this coach put a woman's name, this as a strategy that when they are in the game the other coaches are unaware of his game, one of the young basketball players did not agree to continue the contract, but one night he saw some of his best friends die, he arrives badly at the coach's house asking him to return, to which the coach hugs him. He says that he should arrive at the gym tomorrow, the next day he attends but the coach tells him that to re-enter the team he has to do 2,500 push-ups, so the young man begins his routine, but here he comes. once this young man got tired, his friends, seeing that he wanted to enter, began to complete the push-ups that the coach imposed on them.


This is a movie that premiered in 2005, it is a drama where he tells the story of coach who cares about his young athletes and wants a better future for them, he has a cast Samuel L. Jackson, Debbi Morgan, Rob Brown, Robert Ri'chard and Ashanti. This story was taken from the real life of coach Ken Carter.


This drama film and at the same time with a little comedy leaves a great moral:

Work as a Team: The group of players begin to comply with the punishment of his partner so that he enters the team, when the coach tells him that the punishment is from the Timo Cruz, to which the players respond that they are a team the punishment it's for everyone.

The studies are first: This was what Carter most wanted to have a good team with discipline, which not only did winners of the tournament do but also had an academic future, this is detailed in much of the film, more when Carter have a trial because he closes the stadium until the students don't catch up with their studies.

Believe in yourself: When Carter sees this team that plays very well that he only needs practice and good motivation and support to develop academically, he tells them that they can get a sports scholarship and be more than one more in the neighborhood, if not get to do someone in life.