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RE: 10 horror movies to check out this Halloween!

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Some good choices here...Event Horizon...I saw that for the first time not long after it was released on DVD and didn't like it. I saw it a couple times some time later and started to get into it and now I agree with you, a pretty good Sci-Fi horror film! Now I want to watch it again pussyboi!

This is a timely post although Halloween in Australia is a a bit flaccid to be honest...The retailers are trying their hardest to ramp it up each year but most Aussies are like, Meh, can't be buggered getting involved. Still, there's always time for a good movie!


They apparently found an uncut film reel of Event Horizon that has an extra 30-40 minutes of footage they had to cut to keep an R rating. It was partially damaged from sitting in a salt mine in Romania though. I'm really curious if they're going to re-release it at some point with it, since apparently it's supposed to be ultra turbo disturbing shit.

I'm not surprised to hear that, I feel like the only Holiday you guys take semi seriously is Christmas for some reason. Fucking losers.

What the fuck was it doing in a Romanian salt mine? That's the disturbing part! Lol. It would be cool to see them release it, but in this sanitised world of ours I'd say it is unlikely.

Yeah, we don't give a fuck about much, as long as we get time off we don't care what the fucking reason is. Lol.

Apparently it's really common to store feel film reels inside of salt mines to keep them preserved. I'm not sure why they used one in Romania of all places, but yeah.

Hey, if I didn't have a boner for Halloween and enjoy giving people gifts at Christmas, I'd feel the same god damn way.

Lol...Yeah the gift part of it is good...But then again I rarely need much and want even less so I take the time as the gift. I'm non-religious so Christmas is usually all about time off, board games and food!

store feel film reels inside of salt mines

I wonder how many porno's are stored away in the mines? Lol.