The Boys Season 2: Better than Marvel and DC Live Action

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It's been a few months since the last time I made a post about a movie or series and since I saw the Snowpiercer series, it was such a bad, horrible, pathetic and even "cringe" series that I lost the desire to see any other series (seriously, the Snowpiercer series is garbage and I'm surprised it's going to have a second season). Anyway, after having seen the trash series I mentioned before, I started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine, since I felt like watching some comedy series, however, I left B99 on pause (later I will resume it), since I wanted to watch the second season of The Boys, which is the best series and/or Live Action product about superheroes to date.

After an excellent first season, with good reviews by most people, it was logical that The Boys was going to have a second season, and luckily the first 3 chapters were released a few days before its world premiere, those 3 chapters would be an introduction to what was going to show us this second season, which despite having only 8 chapters, could close some plots that had been open since the first season.

The Boys season two does not lose any of its twisted humor and gore scenes, it maintains much of what was seen in the first season and gives us a broader vision of the entire universe of superheroes that exist in The Boys, a universe where superheroes have been marketed to the point that there are even products on them, from perfumes, shaving creams, food, ie everything is marketed with the image of the main superheroes.

This series knows how to show a "more realistic" world of superheroes where the heroes are not always that kind, honest and idealistic figure, since a certain part of this group of superheroes are nothing more than narcissistic, selfish and even racist, traits that we can see in real life. However, in The Boys, he captures a lot of these aspects in the form of quite dark comedy and even, at times, absurd.

Logically, The Boys is not a perfect series, there are certain errors that I could notice after watching the second season for the second time and even certain conveniences of the plot, which despite not ruining the history of the series, are quite remarkable and perhaps for some people it may be a little annoying.

The second season ends with some loose ends, with certain characters that we only saw a few of, but due to the way they were presented in this season, it is logical that they will have a much more important role in the 3rd, or even the 4th season. Other characters even, right at the end of the last chapter, make a plot twist, quite unexpected, which is an indication that the 3rd season things will get much worse for The Boys.


Best show ever. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for season 3 or one of the spinoffs.

yeep, I have it in my list of favorite series

I watched the first season and I really liked it. Season 2 got me hooked

I hope the spin-off will be as good as the main series