[Review movies] The loneliest robot: "Edward Scissorhands"

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The eerie abandoned castle represents Edward's origin which the world's aesthetics don't accept.  The neat and uniform city pattern and brightly colored houses represent the point of view, which is the boundary between humans and robots.


  There are many fixed combinations of directors and actors in the film industry. Mentioning this director's name can often hook the actor. When talking about this actor, the first reaction is the director who works with him. For example, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, Tim Burton can be called a genius, whether it's a bizarre storyline or a preference for a dark Gothic style, his films are always full of some kind of originality. An invisible magical temperament, this temperament is a label affixed to the film, which at first glance is obvious. Johnny Depp, who rose to fame when he was young, is often seen as withdrawn for his arbitrary style, even being called a character actor by Hollywood. Depp looks like it was made especially for the Burton films, For a character that looks weird and cold, Depp played the role perfectly. They have worked together to contribute many popular classics to film fans. "Edward Scissorhands" is the first time the two have collaborated. Since then, they have also collaborated on "Edwood", "Dream End", "Charlie and the Chocolate DreamWorks", "Alice in Wonderland" etc.


  Burton rarely takes on realistic themes. Throughout the directorial work, from the original "Frankenstein", "Frankenstein", "Beatles Juice", "Batman" to the latest release "Alice in Wonderland" The series is all fantasy-themed. All of his films are heartbreaking fairy tales. The same is true of Edward Scissorhands. In a small town with bright and uniform architecture, lies a castle that has long been abandoned. People only know that scientists with lonely characters live there, and they know nothing else. Until one day, the kindhearted Avon seller, Pegg, broke into this castle and found that a robot with hand scissors lives in it. He called himself Edward. Of course hand scissors here do not refer to scissors. If you pay close attention, You will find that apart from the scissors we take in the usual sense, there are also sharp knives of different styles. Pegg took her home and placed her in her daughter's bedroom. Then the Hollywood routine started to shine and dominated the direction of the story. Edward and Pegg's daughter Kim gradually falls in love, but in the end they separate. Edward finally returns to the isolated castle. This film is full of symbolism, or symbols. The grisly abandoned fortress represents Edward's origin which the world's aesthetics don't accept. The neat and uniform pattern of cities and brightly colored houses represent a position that is not only the boundary between humans and robots, but also the film's conflict. Even though the gossiping housewives in the small town are the same, they represent the secular "we're always right" vision. I have never been optimistic about the level of human acceptance of heterogeneous species, and our literary works often fly the banner of "my non-racial must have a different heart". It must be evolution. In this lengthy and full of crisis, each race must be alert enough to the outside world in order to survive. We not only have to be aware of the outside world, but often we cannot give full confidence to our own kind. As previous generations of indoctrination taught us, we must be protected by the law. Hate someone with a reservation, because an enemy's enemy is a friend; love someone with reservation, because the person who is stabbed in the back is often the most trusted person. This kind of doctrine means that it is applicable everywhere in the world. But for Edward's robot, he doesn't have a reservation. What makes robots cuter than humans is that they don't have any cunning plans like humans that have evolved over tens of thousands of years. When a strange but kind robot appears in the ghost world, you can imagine a major conflict. Edward has won people's hearts through creative gardening and hair design. There was even a neighbor woman who had written "Give me a man" on her face from the start, and she seduced Edward, and the results were ridiculous; Kim's girlfriend takes advantage of Edward's obedience to Jin and asks him to go to his own house to steal. After the incident is exposed, Edward is locked in the house and taken away by the authorities, but Jin's girlfriend hurriedly pushes boundaries; Ge, also used Edward to contact Avon's senior management; Kim's younger brother first takes Edward to school to show off and play riddles around him. Then, tired of playing, he left it like a toy that had lost interest. On the other hand, Edward always pays attention to Jin's younger brother and always tries to fulfill his requirements. He sees Peg as a savior and is generally grateful and respectful. He did not confess to the police when he treated Jin's girlfriend. Of course, she has treated Jin Edward in her heart, of course, rejecting the neighbor whose hormone is splashing. Because of this, everyone has a prejudice against Edward. People also started slandering him behind his back, seeing him as a real thief and thinking that "


  The overall tone of the film is still warm and bright. There is a scene in that movie. Kim returned from the trip and saw Edward for the first time, who was lying on his waterbed, staring into the dripping eyes. The king was shocked and Edward was also shocked. King's father took Edward into the basement and poured him a glass of wine. She casually says it is lemon juice. After Edward drank it through a straw, he was exposed to the harsh alcohol and felt tastes and feelings that he had never felt before. If you use love as a metaphor, it's like a glass of strong wine, which makes people a little drunk and imagined. This was an extraordinary experience that had never happened before for him. If you classify films, to be precise, these are not strictly science fiction films, but fairy tales of love. Many similar scripts have happened in our real life. Edward's scissors hand may be a financial constraint or a humble identity. In short, the film concretizes this gap, making it even more romantic and beautiful. Just like a small town that never snows, it only snows after Edward falls in love with Kim. Not the snowflakes flying, but her love for him. A love fairy tale is not chicken soup, but lemon juice, not to say something we all understand, but to give us a kind of innocent, beautiful longing. Why do we like fairy tales, because reality is too discordant, there is true love in fairy tales. This is not an escape, on the contrary, this is a bold pursuit. We need to drink this glass of lemon juice to remind ourselves that there is pure love in this world, unconditional love. It is Burton's deepest inspiration and greatest touch. By convention, just talking about the main line of the film, I believe whether it's the talented Tim Burton or the perverted Johnny Depp, people are already familiar with them, even if they don't watch the film very often, they are familiar with these two names. It won't feel strange. Many of Burton's popular films are on various must-see lists. Movies like "Big Fish" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" are classics in film history. Here mainly talking about the female lead "Edward Scissorhands", Winona, actor King. The background is not small. When he was 17 years old, he appears on movie posters almost all the way in the United States. She's called "the luckiest girl in the world", and she's not as famous as Depp. Even more interestingly, the two men had defined their relationship before filming "Edward Scissorhands". After this film, their relationship deepened. Depp wrote "winona forever" on his right arm (forever). Winona) to show his sincerity. Too bad the two of them didn't make it to the end. This is another "love fairy tale" in the real world. the relationship between the two deepened. Depp wrote "winona forever" on his right arm (forever). Winona) to show his sincerity. Too bad the two of them didn't make it to the end. This is another "love fairy tale" in the real world. the relationship between the two deepened. Depp wrote "winona forever" on his right arm (forever). Winona) to show his sincerity. Too bad the two of them didn't make it to the end. This is another "love fairy tale" in the real world.


omg this is a classic for me. I always cry with the ending , I'm a very sentimental fool hahaha. There are a lot of movies that make me cry, this is one of them.