Quickie movie review: The Devil All The Time (2020)

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Hello there, you beautiful babybois of Hive. It feels like it's been an actual millennia since I've talked about a movie, so, I figured fuck it. Today, I'm going to be going over a movie I recently watched on Netflix. I meant to watch it a few months ago, but, I've been too busy twisting my nipples in pleasure to all kinds of garbage that it just kind of slipped past me until now. I went into this movie not knowing jack shit about it beyond it having a stacked cast, and I'll get into that later. I have to say for going in blind, I came out the other end pleasantly surprised with how much I actually enjoyed watching this movie.

There are a shit ton of plot lines that happen throughout this film, to the point where you start wondering if things are going to become convoluted. Things do flow together pretty nicely as the movie goes on, however. Though, at the start of the movie, you might feel a bit like a dementia patient in a nursing home, wondering why his grandson Timmy Billy hasn't come to visit, but, just give it a bit of time. And, everything will end up tying itself together in a way that not only makes sense, but gives a pretty damn satisfying ending. Within all these plots lines, the main theme I took away from watching is straight up religion. Most of the characters in the movie have some form of obsession with their religion. Or, spend their time in the movie feeling like they have to make things right with their maker. And, in the process of doing these things we get to witness all the negative things that spawn from it.

The narrative throughout the film is pretty solid, leaving me little to no complaints to really make about it. I could see the time period of the film possibly being a bit of a turn off for some people who watch it, as it's very centered on a 1950's red blooded America type of backdrop. But, I thought it was pretty interesting personally. Some of side plots are a bit more flat than others, but none are entirely without merit so you never lose interest with them. The only other thing I could really pull my dick out and piss on is that the narrator of the movie is pretty pointless and doesn't really do much for the movie. I think if you took away all those lines, absolutely nothing would change about the film and how you felt about it while watching.

As I mentioned before, this movie has an absolutely stacked cast to it. Tom Holland is here to make your girlfriends panties wet, Bill Skarsgard, Jason Clarke, Robert Pattison, Sebastian Stan and many others are in this film. And, they all give a very solid performance throughout. I didn't feel disappointed with any performance, and at no point does it feel like people are phoning it in. I will say Pattison had an odd accent/voice for the character he played which came off a bit goofy. (Minor spoilers ahead) But, he nails the vibe/aura of a creepy priest pedo-bear man quite well. Nothing really bad to say about the acting in this movie.

The Devil All The Time is most certainly a thriller style movie for the most part. I would say a good 3/4th's of the movie is mostly dialogue, but there is some good chunks of it that center around bloodshed and tragedies of some type where things get really fucking tense and boil over with a major incident happening in the story. It's not a gorefest film, nor is it an action movie with people snapping necks and dicks all over the screen. I'd consider this a slowburn movie with a very thorough message that it hits you hard with. I'd definitely say as well this movie thematically just stays fairly dark and gave me a feeling of melancholy while watching it. If you're looking for a pick me up movie, then this probably isn't going to be your cup of cum to enjoy for the evening.

Overall, if you can look past the chunks of the movie that drag on a bit too much and don't mind a movie with a dark setting and theme, I think you'll find yourself pretty entertained with the movie. Maybe you'll walk away like I did with a fair amount of enjoyment with the 2ish hours you spent watching it. I know this was a pretty short review on the film, but I just don't have much else to say here without getting into large spoilers for the film, which I try not to do with movies unless I just can't help the raging boner I have for a movie. And, if you're curious where I'd rate this movie, I'd give the film somewhere around a 7.5 out of 10 personally, which I think is a fair score for a movie that is certainly above average.

But, yeah. Hope you enjoyed the quick movie review, doods.

Until next time.