Nanny McPhee (2005).- Magic nana.

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Hello everyone,

Today I start my post before always, Thank God today they changed my office, I was in a place that I did not feel comfortable with the new staff that they integrated, you can not work this way with people who do not feel comfortable, your days are heavier and heavier, you feel isolated, having so much time working in a public entity state accustomed to the changes, but somehow to another always feel something inside you as a feeling, although I already wanted it, You feel a little uncomfortable, but as I have always said the changes are good, the transformations are coming for good, this new change I know will be for good.

If I had a better internet and better profits, I would stay here with you pure post, but I have a little girl who depends on me, you cannot limit your son to if the economic situation forces you, he must have his food and his clothes but more priorities are food and health, I know that I will get ahead with my daughter despite so much circumstance because she is my support is one of those that inspires me to go out to fight to fight in this economy, which changes me all my panorama if I feel sad or overwhelmed, I thank God for having you daughter and I will give everything for you, do everything I have to do to live a happy life and have all you need, thanks to everyone who reads my post and Support me with your vows are what also helps me to continue and have food security for my daughter.

Today, by chance, because of the situation I experienced today, I slept with my daughter, we played and then we watched a movie, it's a movie I saw a long time ago, I liked it a lot and it's Nanny McPhee, the magic lullaby, it's a beautiful movie full of fantasy and magic where you can enjoy with your children, in turn the comedy with the pranks of these children.



This movie is about a father who is a very young widower and is in charge of seven children (-Simon, Tora, Eric, Lily, Christianna, Sebastian and little Aggy), who have dedicated themselves to frightening all the nannies who have Put on, these children are very special because the ingenuity they have to create ideas to scare these poor nannies are even imaginable, approximately 17 nannies have been scared with the pranks of these children do not last a day with them, the last scared her doing They ate their little sister. But the poor father with his jobs plus the debts they have on him cannot make himself alone from his children, but one day he came out he heard that everyone was telling him that he needed Nanny McPhee, but he did not know how to find her and in which organization he worked to be able to hire her .


Now these children are alone with the cook who gagged her to destroy the kitchen, at that moment someone knocks on the door, she is an old lady with wrinkles on her faces almost like a witch, whom children begin to fear, more with the hitting of his cane this nanny can perform magic, the only condition this nanny was that she would teach the children five lessons, “As long as they don't want me but they need me here I will be, but when they want me and they don't need me I will have to go” The children were told who could love this witch, but from here these children together to the magical lullaby will learn each lesson and will live great adventures that will change the children and the lullaby, doing until they get to love her.



This is a family genre film, where you find great adventures and many fantasy, it was premiered in 2005 where the protagonists of these magical stories were Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Kelly Macdonald, Angela Lansbury, Celia Imrie, Imelda Staunton, Thomas Sangster, this one has the sequel the Return of the Nana Magica.



This is a beautiful film that is full of magic, adventures and many pranks of children, but in spite of that comedy that this film gives us, you also leave us teaching as many parents as children.

  • There must be rules: For there to be good behavior and good forms of stability, the rules are not bad, there must always be limits that you have that you cannot do and why they cannot do it, what are the consequences. But the children should be taught new lessons every day and that you have responsibilities to grow with great teaching and earn things, for a better coexistence.

  • It is not necessary to punish so that the children learn, and no moment to mistreat, this is seen in the whole movie when the magical lullaby is teaching the five most important lessons for the children.

  • The magical lullaby that these children join together as a family, rather than reflect on every action they do, knows that these more Simon children are very intelligent and very ingenious that they themselves can seek the solution of things.
    The ones left by the babysitter to the children are:

  • First lesson - Go to bed when told (and say please).

  • Second lesson - Get up when told.

  • Third lesson - Dress when you are told.

  • Fourth lesson - Listen (and say thanks).

  • Fifth lesson - Do what you are told, that is, obey