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This time I come to tell you which is the animated film of my daughter Daniela, it is called Coco, this film my father before dying I download it. Well one day I placed it for my daughter to see it, that same day my daughter saw it almost like 5 times, we had a lot of time seeing it every day, she never got tired of seeing it. He still sees it but not as often as before, but it is a very beautiful film, it has beautiful and striking smells, apart from being musical, children and adults would like to see it, of course not as many times as my daughter hahaha ...


This story begins with the voice of a boy named Miguel, who lives in Santa Cecilia, he dreamed of being a singer, in his story he tells us that his great-great-grandmother Mamá Imelda hated music since her husband left her to sing for the world, Mama Imelda had to stay with a little girl, she got tired of waiting, she had a little daughter Coco over whom she took care of, took out all the music of her life, and started a shoe-making business. For her daughter to advance, Familia was growing as was the business.

But Miguel's passion for music made him challenge his family, even though they hated music, but he knew that something inside him was happening, something that music called him, he liked to sing. His favorite idol was de la Cruz, a singer from his town who ventured to fame, but in one of his presentations or accident and died. Miguel worked cleaning boots after leaving school. In his working hour he begins to tell his client of his dreams of being a musician, to which the man advised him to stop hiding and go out to sing without fear of his family, that if he were Ernesto de la Cruz it would be to sing to the world . In this, the man lends him the guitar to sing and learn of his fame. But that's what Helena (Miguel's grandmother) sees when she sees she begins to insult the musician and says to stop messing with her grandson because it is not related to his music.


Miguel's grandmother takes him home, as it is Day of the Dead they have the custom of making an offering for the family to come together, the most important thing is to place their photos so that they can pass to this world, to which also their Grandmother tells him that she does not want the same thing that happened to mother Coco's father, who was excluded from the family offering, for abandoning his family.


Miguel and his dog Dante (a stray dog) are left there but he goes out to eat the food of the offering, Miguel trying to control him moves the offering table and the photo of Mama Imelda and her little daughter Coco falls, but the glass falls. It breaks, but Miguel takes it and realizes that there was a hidden double, the body of a man comes out who believes that his great-grandfather, to whom he has a guitar identical to his favorite idol Ernesto de la Cruz, goes up to his hiding place where He has all the records of his idol and image, when he compares the photo of the guitar, he concludes that his great-great-grandfather, that is why his dream of being a musician because he has it in his blood, shows his family that Mama Coco's Pope is his favorite singer, that's why he will become a musician and not a shoemaker.


His grandmother Helena makes him so angry that everything Miguel was hiding, of continuing with the idea of ​​singing, to what he takes his guitar damages it, to which Miguel runs off, says he does not want to be in the family, runs away to the place to sing in the contest, but to be able to sing he has to have a guitar, desperate he begins to look for how to have one, but they all have them busy so he remembers that the grave of Ernesto de la Cruz is his guitar, this is He goes to the cemetery, breaks a window and enters, then he takes the guitar and when he touches it he feels a strange sensation, he hears voices he hides, but when they open the door, they say there is no one here, Miguel they do not see it, it is a spirit, this se somehow transported to a dimension of the dead dead see them and their dog Dante, this dog guides him to his dead family who finds his Rivera family, when they realize what happened they take him to the land of the dead to that Mama Imelda couldn't cross thinking that she will solve that problem.


His Rivera family (dead) take him to the land of the dead, this is one he is taken to an office whose function is to verify that the dead people who are going to cross the bridge, their photo is in the offering, if they are not they cannot cross. To which Mama Imelda is arguing because she could not pass into the world of the living, they tell her that her photo is not in the offering, My family always puts my photo, to which she could not cross this time because Miguel took it Photo.


A worker from that office explains that they are bewitched by Miguel who stole a guitar on the Day of the Dead, it is offered, it is not removed, to return Miguel to the world of the living, his dead family must bless him before dawn, if they do not, Miguel will remain trapped in that dimension, already taking the form of skeleton while spending more time in that place. When Mamá Imelda is going to give Miguel her blessing, she does so on a condition that he should not play any more music, he returns to the land of the living, in that he takes up the guitar again and returns him to the land of the dead. Miguel when seeing that none of the members of his family does not want to bless him, he remembers his great-great-grandfather decides to look for him, in that same place is a friend of Ernesto de la Cruz who has tried many times to go to the world of the living but all has failed because no one places his photo in the worlds of the living, Miguel tells him that he must find his great-great-grandfather to return him to the world of the living, to which Hector takes the opportunity he tells him that if he takes him to see Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel must place his photo in the offering in order to pass the bridge, to which Miguel accepts.


In that, Héctor gives himself the task of helping him by painting him in the form of a skeleton so that no one will recognize him, he gets him a guitar so he can sing in the contest with a friend who has also been forgotten in the world of the living. Then Hector and Miguel arrive at the plaza to sing but after he sings, he realizes that his family is looking for him to return him, at that moment Héctor realizes that Miguel lied to him, he disappears from his sight.


Mama Imelda tries to reach Miguel explains to him that she is trying to save his life, to which Miguel replies that he ruins his life, because they do not support him as a family in his dreams, Mama Imelda explains why she started to hate music, Likewise, he runs out and enters Ernesto de la Cruz's party, then to get closer to him he begins to sing and the person makes way for him, until his great-great-grandfather arrives. Before de la Cruz send Miguel to the world of the living, Héctor arrives and says that they had a deal that he was going to take his photo to place in the offering. Regarding de la Cruz, he asks if it is true, but Héctor asks Ernesto to let Miguel take the photo, because they are forgetting him and he can disappear, apart from telling him a Word that when Ernesto was alive he said that he would "move heaven and land "when he says this word Miguel remembers a movie that Ernesto made.


Héctor says that his life is not a movie, to which Miguel shows him one of the screen, Héctor observes and begins to remember that last night, he concludes that de la Cruz killed him to be able to keep his songs, at that moment Hector fights With Ernesto, Miguel realizes that his great-great-grandfather killed his best friend, the security agents take Héctor away, then Miguel asks him for his blessing to return home. But Ernesto does not give it to him for fear that he will tell the truth and lock him in a well.


In that same well, Miguel finds Hector weak, almost disappearing from the world of the dead. He tells Miguel how sorry he is for turning his back on his family, but he wanted to go back and sing Coco's favorite song again, in that Miguel hears that name, shows him the photo he took of the offering and shows it to Héctor, they realize they are family, he tells her that he wrote the song Remember me was for Coco.Mama Imelda arrives and saves him, Héctor apologizes to Imelda, she doesn't forgive him, at that moment Miguel sees that what they did with Héctor is unfair. But he must not be forgotten that he must go to the living world to see his daughter Coco. Miguel devises a plan to recover Hector's photo, he does not forgive but agrees to help, he enters with the help of the famous Frida. Imelda, Miguel Hector, and some of the Rivera family help to recover Héctor's image, half of a strategy that made de la Cruz discover that he was a fake, but Miguel could not recover the photo and it is already dawn. His great-great-grandfather makes him return because it is close to dawn, but before he leaves, he promises Hector that he will make Coco not forget him.


Miguel returns to the living world and runs so that Mama Coco tells him not to forget. his father shows him the photo, but now his great-grandmother does not remember anyone, to which Helena, who does not martyr his mother to ask him forgiveness. To which Miguel tries to do it but takes his guitar he sings the song that his father used to sing to him, from there Mama Coco begins little by little to remember, to react and to recognize her relatives, at that moment. She says that song that her father used to sing to her when she was a child, Miguel tells her that his father loved him, shows him the letters that his father sent him.

This film ends after a year has passed, Miguel now has a little sister and Helena places her family members and the portrait of her recently deceased Mama Coco in the offering. At dinner they all gather, the living and the dead are together on that single day that is allowed, which is the Day of the Dead and Miguel plays a song for his living and dead family called "In the beat of my heart.


This is an animated film of a family genre, where it shows the Mexican culture on the Day of the Dead, the offerings, who visits or cemeteries, tells the stories of relatives who are no longer there.

This film is called COCO, its main character is Miguel, Disney did not have the authorization to name the Day of the Dead because it is an intrinsic culture, but Coco, Miguel's great-grandmother who appears at the beginning of the story. The fundamental role it plays in these stories is that the last person who remembers Miguel's great-grandfather, so that he could meet him, because when he forgets Coco, he disappears from the world of the dead.


This is a film of the animated and children's genre, where Mexican culture reflects us, the Day of the Dead is a special and traditional day for them, in turn, it also leaves great teachings such as:

The Importance of Family

The is an important part of the life of each person, in them we know the values, culture, religions among many things, it influences the personality in the formation of the characters. Family support is what we have, their support, advice, where it unfolds. In the film the teaching of the importance of the family is reflected at all times, from the stories of the ancestors to what is alive. How family support is important.

Fight for your dream

There are times when we leave our dreams behind due to lack of support or even motivation, we must not be like that, we must fight for them, achieve them. Support others to comply. In this film Miguel reflects to us how he asks for the support of the family, both alive and dead, but when he sees that he does not have it, he fights for his dreams. Even to convince his family how important music is to him.

What is forgotten is what dies

When we forget people is where it really dies, but if we always keep it alive in our memories, telling our children and grandchildren they will live in each beating heart. Miguel in his adventure in the world of the dead learned the importance of keeping alive the memories of the ancestors, that each dead person lives in the hearts and minds of the living.

Inspiration is very important

It may be that in our family members we find the inspiration of our dreams, and fight with them, that no obstacle does not paralyze our dreams, make sacrifices to obtain it, Miguel had an obstacle to fulfill his dreams, but that were not impediments to continue and fight to be a singer arrived, but when he learned that his great-great-grandfather was a composer and musician.

Important phrases

Never forget how much your family loves you

We always have to keep in mind the love of family.



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