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In this new time that we are living, there have been many changes among them being at home for longer, taking advantage of it by sharing as a family, asking God every day that this disease recedes and no more people die due to it.
Today I shared with my daughter, mother and sister a beautiful movie that was released in 2003, she is Brother Bear.


This beautiful story begins in a local tribe, where the oldest of them begins to tell a story to the smallest and youngest of the tribe, he lived together with his brothers in the time they were young, while he tells the story, he goes drawing in the cave so that they go imagining the story.
It narrates that in their time they were taught that the world was magical, its origin is found in the changing lights that dance across the sky, above the highest mountains. The one who told him about that was the old Shamana of his tribe specifying that those lights of the sky, magic are the spirits of the ancestors who have the power to make changes in their world, the small becomes large, the winter becomes spring, something always transforms, but the biggest change he experienced was the transformation of his younger brother who desperately wanted to be a man. From there begins the story of the three Sitka brothers, the oldest brother, Denahi, the second and Kenai the youngest, who was already near the ceremony of his manhood (change to an adult person), for this he gives him a Tomtem that is the animal as identifies each person.
On the day of the Kenyan ceremony, the old Shamana went up to the top of the mountain to talk with the ancestors which was the totem of this young man, this they gave him that of a Bear, which meaning is that of love. Upon receiving Kenai this totem was not to his liking, expressing that bears are thieves and evil that kills people, that the least he wants to be identified with that animal, that because he has not been like his brothers, the one from Sitka is the one from an eagle that means being a guide, Denahi's in a Wolf that means wisdom. At that time they were in the discussion, a big bear comes up and steals a salmon, this makes the brothers upset because it was for the food of the tribe.
In that Kenai begins to follow this Bear together with his brothers, chasing him, he reaches the top of a mountain, but at that moment of the persecution the bear hides her little boy so that the brothers do not hurt them, in that the brothers arrive to battle with the Osa, but Sitka the older brother sees that if the fight continues, he and his brothers could lose their lives, in that he makes a decision that would cost him his life, he sticks the spear in the ground causing the ground to fall apart from the top the bear and Sitka. From that moment the anger, the pain, makes Kenai take hatred against the Bear, after the Sitka funeral, the two brothers are fighting to follow the Bear and avenge the death of their brother. To which Denahi tells Kenai not to anger the spirits.
Now they are two brothers who must take care of each other. Kenai is going to chase the Bear, Denahi follows him to take care of him. But Kenai is blind with anger and pain and you don't analyze what happened. In that Kenai sees the Bear chasing her until she kills her. After killing her, Kenai is close to the dead bear, but magic lights begin to approach him, in that Kenai approaches the lights, you show him the ancestral animals, in that the spirit of an Eagle appears, he transforms into brother Sitka, Kenai sees him, The Eagle takes it with his paw, takes him to the highest of the lights, transforming him into a bear (Kenai), but at that very moment his brother Denahi is going up the mountain in search of his brother Kenai, he finds the clothes of Kenahi on the ground, coming to mind that the bear killed Kenai, the only brother she already had.



In that Kenai turned into Bear all dizzy tries to approach his brother, but then he falls into a river that takes him away. Now it is Denahi who is blinded by rage and hatred now he is the one who will follow that Bear.
In that it comes out that the Shamana of the tribe finds him, he knows he is Kenai, but it is not explained how the spirits turned him into a bear, but this must have a purpose for Kenai, he must discovered on his own from the spirits, but this Against his brother Denahi, who believes that Kenya died, he also begins to attack the Bear but without knowing that he is his brother, from here a world of adventures begins ...


This is an animated film of a family and comedy genre, where it shows us the story that hides a great wisdom that is gradually being discovered in the course of history. This cute movie has a sequel Brother Bear 2.

Produced: November 1, 2003.
Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures,
Walt Disney Feature Animation.
Distributed:Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


This animated movie to share with the family, gives us great lessons.

  1. Being in someone else's Shoe will teach you reality without judging:

    We can observe this part when Kenai is turned into a Bear, because he attacks, all their experiences, he knows more about nature and love.

  2. Leaving the comfort zone:

    To have new adventures you have to leave the comfort zone, there is new teaching about that. In the story we can see that Kenai learned the life of a bear and nature, where he met new friends, the purpose of nature, learning to care for a brother Bear who left an orphan.

  3. The Love of Brothers:

    It shows us how brothers should take care of each other, shake hands, be aware, love goes beyond even life.

  4. Believe in Magic:

    Every Disney movie is always magic, where people should never miss the magic, believe in their dreams that you can bring it to reality if you fight for them. In this film, a lot of enfansis was made in nature, in its landscapes as it is transforming, the magic that exists in Mother Earth.

  5. Personal growth:

    Personal growth is very important for people, in this film we can see how a young man named Kenai, becomes a Bear, lives a great adventure with a Baby Bear, he grows up.

  6. Tolerance:

    You have to learn to have tolerance in things, know how to handle that everything has a purpose in life. Kenai learned to tolerate his bear brother Koda, he took a liking to him on a long adventure.

  7. Hate is not good:

    We can observe how hatred and resentment blinded two brothers, lead to avenge his brothers, when he did not observe things calmly, this can have great consequences, hatred towards Kenai Bear caused him to lose his brother.

  8. Respect:

    This film teaches us that we must respect nature, mother earth, value her because everything in the world has a meaning, a why and is important in the world.

I hope you enjoy this movie with your brothers, family and friends ... If it is with your children, it is wonderful. So get your popcorn ready.



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