Review and learning of the movie Beauty and the Beast.- Romanticism and fantasy

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Hello my hive friends

This time I will tell you about a movie that I had the opportunity to see with my father in the cinema, it was the last movie I saw with him. My father despite being a merchant and earning little, always doing things for us to enjoy as a family in traveling or going to the movies, I thank God for seeing me blessed with a father like you.

Yesterday I was able to see this movie with my daughter, seeing it brought me memories with my father, how nice it is to remember the people you love.


This film begins with the image of a castle where an old woman arrives asking for shelter and food because the night is very cold, but the payment would be a rose, the prince of that castle was a person without feelings, who when seeing the old woman badly dressed and that his payment was a rose, he denied his request, the old woman told the prince not to let himself be carried away by appearance alone, to which the prince was upset and finished running to the old woman, but at that moment the old woman turns into a beautiful woman and transforms the prince into an enchanted beast and equal to all who are inside the castle, curses him his last words were: “For everything to return to normal, a person must love you before the last falls petal of a rose ”.

Time passed by, everyone who lived in that castle was enchanted, and the people who knew it were forgetting that place, it remains in a deep enchanted forest full of danger. On the outside of that forest there is a small town (Villenueve) where lives a humble beautiful young woman, who loves to read and sing that she lives with her father learning from the things that her father teaches her, called Bella. One day Bella goes out to town to do her shopping and a man called Gaston approaches to woo her, he is a man that many women would like to marry, but Bella is not in the plans of marrying and less with that man.


Her father (Maurice) has always protected his daughter after the loss of her mother, he works making music boxes to which one day he had to take an order to the other side of town, he asks his daughter what he wants him to do. bring from this trip to what the daughter replies that a rose, her father smiled tells her that a charming, kind-hearted daughter who likes the little things in life. On the way back, his father enters a strange forest, full of snow, where he observes a castle, knocks on the door, no one leaves, but opens by himself, Maurice enters, starts saying hello, but no one answers him, he continues walking until he finds a table full of food, at what he takes a bread he begins to eat, in a moment he takes a cup to drink tea, this tells him that his mustaches tickle him, at that moment Maurice is scared he runs out of the castle. He runs into a garden with a tree full of roses, to which the father when seeing it remembers his daughter's request and cuts the rose, at that moment a great beast appears to him and takes him to the castle, locking him up for stealing that rose. In another scene, Bella's father's horse comes out and arrives alone at the house, to which she worries about her father, asking him where her father is, to take her to where he is.


Bella ventures to look for her father in the depths of the forest, she finds the castle enters and her father is locked in a dungeon, to which her father when seeing her tells her to flee that there is a beast, but Bella replies that She cannot abandon him, to calm down that she would take him out, suddenly then Bella hears a voice that tells her that her father will stay forever that he is a thief, to which she responds she tells her that what is her father's crime, the captor responds to eat his food and steal a rose from my garden. To which Bella says that this is not a reason to lock him up but that an older person can die in that cold dungeon, that she takes his place, Maurice says no, the captor responds if he is sure to take his place at the same time. that she says yes, then the beast is shown Bella and locks her up and frees her father.


Now Bella is in a locked cell sad and crying because she will not be able to see her father, an enchanted chandelier that is Lumiere approaches and frees her, directs her to one of the rooms of the castle, to which a (enchanted) clock She tells her that her master will be upset, Lumiere responds that this is not the place for a girl like her, maybe with her the enchantment can be broken. Bella begins to be in a magical world full of people who are different things like Mrs. Potts who is a kettle, Madame de Gerdebore who is a cupboard, the maid is a feather duster, Mrs. Potts's son a cup, the dog of the house is a piano stool. All of them are organized so that Bella has a better stay, offers her a great dinner, after dinner Bella goes up again to the room but before arriving she sees a west wing of the castle she is curious, she goes, enters a room she sees a rose magic inside a crystal, tries to touch it when a loud roar of a beast scares her, to which Bella runs out of the castle and gets on her horse, but on the way she meets some wolves, before attacking her a beast comes out that He begins to fight with the wolves, this is injured Bella realizes that it is the Beast of the castle when she sees that he was injured she returns him to the castle and heals him.


In another scene his father Maurice is looking for help in the town and he enters a canteen and begins to talk to help him save his daughter who is in an enchanted castle, but nobody believes him, he treats him like a madman, which Gaston is interested in. Bella makes him believe he tells him to direct him to where Bella is, Maurice takes him but instead of seeing that he does it to marry his daughter he does not want to, but Gaston continues but when he sees that Maurice does not remember where his daughter is, he throws him from the carriage and ties it to a tree, until Maurice is saved by a villager who was passing by, Maurice returns to the village he says what happened to him, but gaston makes him look like a madman, who must be treated.


In another scene this Beauty and the Beast are getting to know each other more and sharing, as Beauty loves the free ones, the Beast takes her to his great library she loves so many books to read, every day that passes in that castle Bella begins to have an affection for the Beast, for sharing more with her is in that magical place. To which the other members of the house are happy because they know that if Bella loves the Beast the curse would end. The castle's servants advise the Beast to have a dinner with a dance to commend the guest, to which the Beast accepts.


All of them come together to carry out this magical event, the one with the aramario looks for the best dress for Bella, while the chandelier bathes the Beast, and begins to dress him. Then they both leave the room, Bella comes out in a beautiful yellow dress, the Beast invites her to dinner, dinner is finished, goes to a ballroom where they both start a dance.


At the end they go to a room, where the Beast shows him a magical object, where he tells him to think of a place where he would like to go, both are directed to a room in Paris where there is a sick woman with a contagious disease and a little girl at what Bella realizes to see a man who was her father, takes the girl away. Bella realizes that her mother died from this disease and her father had to flee for her to live, she understood why her father is protective of her. To which she then tells the magic mirror that her father wants to see, it shows her father that she is being locked up by some nurses who want to lock her up in an asylum. Bella sad for her father's situation, the Beast tells her to go with him, that she is already free, but to take the mirror so that when she wants to see it, she asks the mirror.


Desperate Bella takes her horse until she reaches her father, tries to save him until everyone tells her that her father is crazy, he talks about a Beast that does not exist, but Bella at that moment takes out the magic mirror and asks to show him the Beast, everyone in the town observes the Beast, Gaston insists and goes to kill the Beast, Beauty and her father are locked up so that they do not notice the Beast.


Gaston and the people go to the castle, while Bella and her father try to escape until they succeed, they go in search to save the Beast. But when Gaston arrives and is at the top trying to kill the Beast, Bella calls him the Beast, he goes out through the roof to go to Bella, in which Gaston shoots him and flees from the place. Bella tries to get to where the Beast is, hugs him and sad because the Beast dies, all objects are enchanted in his life, but a villager approaches who, except for her father, enters the room, listens as Bella declares her love, takes the rose and pulverizes it and magically sends it towards the Beast, removing the spell and saving it, all enchanted objects take life and human form. In that Bella observes the true face of the Beast, and The prince of the painting, where the Beast thanks Bella, ended the movie with the majestic dance in the great hall accompanied by Bella's friends and family.


This version of the animated children's film Beauty and the Beast that was released for the first time in 1991, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, this was a success for Disney known as the rebirth, I got to see this movie with my father and brothers in the cinema. In 2017 this film is released that I also had the opportunity to see it with him at the time I was pregnant with my daughter, last night I saw her with them bringing me beautiful memories, returning to the analysis this is a film from Walt Disney Pictures, a story that comes from a traditional French novel that has the same name, the animated film as the real film version characterizes it is the dance that Bella has with her beautiful golden dress the difference one from the other is that in the real Bella is not She wears gloves, seeing both movies on the big screen has been exciting but watching her with my father.

This film despite being romantic, fantasy and musical brings beautiful teachings such as:

- Appearance is deceiving: There are times when people get carried away by appearances believing things that are not, it is like what happened to the Prince when he saw an old woman all badly dressed because of her heart not offering lodging and food, he had a curse. As at the same time as Bella at the beginning she saw the Beast and was afraid, but after knowing more about the Beast she recognized that she was not a bad person, if not with a good heart.

- Friendship: Almost in the majority of the Disney movie he details the importance of friendship, in this same when we see that the friends of the castle help the beast to conquer the heart of Bella, giving her good advice on how to behave and fix herself.

- The sacrifice: We see this in two parts, the first one when Bella sacrifices herself to stay before her father, the love of a daughter for a father is great in infinity that Bella showed it did not matter to her being locked up with a Beast in a castle, only to give him his father's freedom. The second is when the Beast prefers that Bella go with her father, despite putting her own life, because if Bella left the castle she would lose the opportunity for a person to love him, but his love was greater than he preferred that Bella went with his father before him.

I invite you to watch this movie with your children and family. I know you will like it. Here is the trailer:




Never seen this one but might have to check it out now. It looks like it has a tremendous budget behind it

Hi. If it's a great movie, I recommend it.