Red Pill To The Reality| Matrix Film Review

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It's after watching the good movies I started thinking a little bit different before that I had a lot of foolish beliefs. I always had the desire to travel around the world, not just to see some places, there are also things like understanding how people live there and what are the things they considered as more important in life. Financial and other situational problems always drew me backwards from going around and travel, for someone like me movies we're everything. Good movies could easily share the vibe of the palace, and I realised that emotions are the same in every part of the world.


Matrix is one of those movies that influenced me a lot in changing my perspective of life, it may be a sci-fi action movie, but in deep it's touching human reality. It's more like telling us about how we live in this world. It's more like a satire on us, it also shows the future we will be facing after several years. The technology improving and going to rule us. Even it's more about technology Wachowski's tried to concentrate the story also more on human emotions. And that made all the difference.

There is a lot of great actions scenes which shows the transitions in a great manner. The fight scenes are choreographed in a certain way to deal with the plot of the story. I have to seem a lot of adaptations of these fight scenes in several other movies. This is the movie that made me a Keanu fan. It's also a love story in between Neo and Trinity. And they portrayed it so deeply, it stays close to the heart.


I've been a software student for a while and this Matrix movie gave me an initial push if it's far away from reality. I think we are also in that kind of fake world, it's the impulses that kind of make us feel like these all are something real. There is a quote from Morpheus which got my attention.

" If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

This is too real, with enough technology it's easy to fool one with fake reality. There are also some great chasing scenes, the scope of the film is very vast that those scenes could make it more interesting. I still watch the movie whenever I feel empty. It's a mix of all kind genres, so it could be watched anytime.


There is no denying that Matrix is the movie which drove a who generation into picking up computer science.


I like the first part (I was a small kid then) but I think that too didn't aged well. Means action is good but the plot was just too much to handle now.. 😁

I wish the review was a little longer. But every one has their own style.

As for Keanu. I believe he is machine. That dude didn't aged a day and I have grey hair now.

I also has a lot to talk about this film, it's even hard to put all these ideas in words.

Keanu is just magical ♥️