Mushroom Monday - Spiciest Mushroom Ever

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Here are some spicy mushrooms for #mushroommonday by @balticbadger
Look at these large white mushrooms. They were everywhere under the maple trees.
I picked one and noticed the gills produced milk when cut. This is definitely a milk cap of some kind.
I gave it a little nibble and boom it was super spicy. Like concentrated black pepper. This helped me identify it as Lactifluus piperatus aka the blancaccio. This is edible but it is so spicy that most people don't eat it. People who do eat it use it in small portions in place of pepper. It can either be pickled or powdered. I decided to dehydrate and powder it.
I harvested three and cut the caps up for dehydrating. The stems are pretty tough so I didn't bother with them.
I also found more bicolor boletes (possibly). The stems look a bit too skinny for bicolor, at leat the colors look correst.
This bolete has a nice crackled pattern on top. It is a bit too old to harvest at this stage. The worms have infested it by now.
Here are a couple younger specimens. Now these are too small to make any sort of meal out of them.
Now some even smaller ones. I really doubt these are bicolor boletes, I'll have to do more research...
A few mica caps were out.
And of course there were plenty of ink caps around as well.
Happy #mushroommonday :-)


What beautiful photos man.

This mushroom is as spicy as cayenne pepper :-).

Guau it is sound very hot.

When tasted raw the heat on my tongue lasted 30 min. Once dried and powdered the heat only lasted a few seconds. So it really is only good as a dried spice unless you like really hot food that burns your mouth for half an hour lol.

Wow! Spicy mushroom! Very nice! You are surrounded by strange but nice mushrooms.

Now if only I could find the blue versions of these guys. Lactarius indigo its a blue colored version of this mushroom with only a mild spicy taste.


googled it - looks simply amazing! I wish you find it sooner, then later. it seems more or less well spread specie

They look amazing and they taste better than the peppery ones I found from what I've read. I might have to go up to Wisconsin to find them though.

Wow! Never thought blue mushrooms exist on the planet! Look really fantastic!
Now, it would be nice to find find silver and gold mushrooms. LoL

I bet the silver and gold mushrooms are deep in the forests of Malaysia.

Then there is no chance to reach them in those forests! Tigers and wild beasts would devour all human intruders into their secret realm.

You’ll have to create some from your magic potion!

Or I could trick other mushroom hunters by bringing some gold and silver spray paint with me and tagging the mushrooms first. They would be so excited to have found a golden mushroom :-)

That’s very dangerous going into the forest! You could use a flying robot!!

these boleto look very similar to the Xerócomus, especially if their bodies are soft inside.

The caps were pretty soft but the stems are kind of fiberous and tough. They are usually pretty small compared to the nicer large boletes out there.

that matches! i am sure you should search iD among the Xerocomus sp.

I took a nibble of one and it kind of resembled blue cheese taste, the main problem is finding enough for any kind of meal.

we are having mushroom stew for the last two days. thanks to Russuls )))

Why don't those two look like bi-colors to you? I would've thought that's what they were.

Also the species @qwerrie mentioned? Xerocomus? I would have thought those were bi-colored boletes as well.
Guess it's good I don't harvest the boletes anyway. I really just don't care for the taste.

The stems seem a bit too skinny for bicolors. I did successfully eat one of these with no problems. It had a hint of blue cheese taste to it. The stem was not worth eating just the cap. I made sure to cook it extra well to avoid any potential staining toxins. Compared to king boletes the taste wasn't as good.

You ate it without fully identifying it? I know that boletes aren't supposed to kill you but some can make you pretty sick. Just wondering why that wouldn't be considered too risky. Generally it seems to me you are very cautious.

But I've seen a lot of boletes this year. I brought some home and I find even the smell while they're cooking is just plain nasty. Maybe it's an acquired taste, but I can't go there.