Fungi Friday - Off to the Northwoods

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Here's a redux post of fungi pictures for this #fungifriday by @ewkaw

I'm headed up to Wisconsin and Michigan to hunt for mushrooms in the upper peninsula.

There will be a few days of camping and hiking with hopefully many new fungi finds.

I will definitely be searching for this pink tipped coral again as it grew in the campground I stayed at last time.

In fact the whole campground was covered in strange coral fungi.

Most of this coral isn't edible but the pink tipped and crown tipped coral are.

I checked the weather and it is supposed to be a bit humid on a couple of the days I'm there, this means lots of well watered mushrooms should be out.

Plenty of amanitas should be out as well.

Hopefully there will be lobsters too.

Given the time of year I expect to find quite a few chanterelles out too.

If the mushrooms are hiding at least there is plenty of opportunities for hiking and swimming.

More fungi soon... Happy #fungifriday


I'm so envious! Have a marvelous time UP there!

I hope it doesnt get too cold or rainy...

Fingers crossed for you! I've been up there when it's cold and rainy. Hoping for sunshine and no bugs..

Mushrooms, of course, are interesting. But the river!!!! This is simply divine!

Hope it will be warm enough for swimming.

Good luck!

I found a few but not that many edibles. Too early in the season.


Hello @sketch.and.jam
Interesting types of mushrooms. Sitting around the campfire in the evening and relaxing is great.
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Thanks, I'll definitely contribute more to this community.

chanterelles !! wish you filds of chanterelles :P

and a !PIZZA when you are back home

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All the mushrooms that you show are really very beautiful.

Thanks I found a few new ones on my trip to the northwoods forests.

It is very cool.

I also like to draw and play an assortment of stringed instruments and drums! And psilocybin.

Awesome, just be careful not to permanently change your brain chemistry with psilocybin.

I thought that was the goal.

Lol I know a guy who grew his own and ate them everyday now he is living under the bridge trying to take bites out of rocks thinking they are apples.

Wow that is some strange behavior. I'll do a bunch at a time, but only a couple times a year, if that. Everyday seems like you'd never bring what you learned back to your life.

Truth! I never understood People who did em all the time. You loose the benefits and can do damage long term in my opinion.
Obviously I’m talking the special kind 🍄

Best to let your brain have a chance to refocus a bit.