Fungi Friday - Blue Elf Caps and Others

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Here are some really unique mushrooms for this #fungifriday by @ewkaw
Look at these turquoise beauties.
Their common name is green woodcup or elfcups. They look more blue to me than green. Their latin name is Chlorociboria aeruginascens.
These are super tiny mushrooms. They are only about 1/4 inch in diameter at their largest most are even smaller.
These are edible as well but they are bland and tasteless. So at best they can be used as a decorative garnish. The slug is cruising for a nice meal.
Now to contrast the blue mushrooms above here is the remnant of some harvested chaga mushroom. Chaga is a black crumbly shapeless growth on the side of birch trees that is a much sought after medicinal for its anticancer and antiviral properties. Someone got to this one before I could harvest it. I like to grind it into a fine powder and add it to hot chocolate or chai tea.
Now for another colorful edible mushroom.
This is a blewit mushroom. The latin name is Clitocybe nuda. They are a tasty edible that is pretty easy to identify because of its purple cap and gills. Sadly I only found one so only enough for a taste not a meal :-(
Here is another colorful mushroom.
This is a really large pink capped bolete. My best guess is that this is a pale violet bitter bolete. Latin name is Tylopilus plumeoviolaceus.
I pinched off a piece to see the pore color and if it stained blue. It did not stain so I gave it a taste test.... super bitter. They are technically edible but way way bitter. The only way you could eat this is to pickle it and use it like a green olive for cocktail.

That's it for this #fungifriday :-)


I doubt you are travelling to alien planets to take photos...😂 🤗

Haha just to the upper peninsula in Michigan (almost like an alien planet :-)

Definitely blue!! Oh and so so pretty :)

They were so tiny I almost overlooked them. They were stuffed in the edge of the bark on a dead log. I find the red elf caps quite often in fall but I've never seen the blue ones. As they get older they tint a bit more green and kind of have a blue green gradient around the dried out edges.

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Wow and absolutely amazing !
I would love to find some
elfcups...!!! They are positively beautiful.
The blewit and. large pink capped Bolete so beautiful too.
Fantastic finds 😊

Right now is the time to look for elf caps. I usually find red ones in wet soil near streams or puddles. These blue ones were growing in between the bark on a really rotten log. They are super tiny but bright. Just gotta keep a sharp eye out.

I reread your post after my my first comment and took note you said they were super tiny. I definitely need to keep a very close eye out for sure...!!👀👀👀👀👀
My gosh how I would love to see these blue beauties..!!!

They also come in yellow, white and black colors. But the most common is red. There is a similar one called eyelash cup fungi that is red with little eyelashes on the edges, very tiny also but very common.

Aww!! those blue one are so beautiful! 💙 I loved them!

Very rare I do alot of mushroom hunting and this is the first time I've seen them.

They reminded me of the cartoons, the Smurfs. They were blue too. Do you know which ones I'm talking about?

Haha yeah they are the same exact color as smurfs lol.

What perfecto color like a creature from other planet guau i never seen some similar to this, great pic Sr.

The elf cups come in a variety of cool colors, red, yellow, orange, green and blue.

What a stunning color of mushrooms in the first photo !!!!
I would very much like to see this in nature!

They are in the northern regions with lots of humidity and forests. You may be able to find a variant of them (probably red in color) in the right conditions in the mountains after a rain.

May be.
But the mountains are far away.
And there is a very dangerous road!
The road is narrow, winding and runs along the edge of the cliff :-(
Public transport does not go there :-(

Oomph I know how that is. Better to go up there with a donkey :-)

Cool! :-)))))))))

All is fine until the donkey sees a mouse then gets scared into running down the mountain...

violet bitter bolete and elfcups are amazing finds, very nice outlook, indeed quite unique -- we dont have any of them here.

Happy Fungi Friday,

my friend!

So far the best tasting ones are the black trumpets.

Beautiful colors and details❤️

There were even more colors out in the forest I found red waxy caps, yellow amanitas, purple turkeytail soon to be posted :-)

I would never have thought that this mushroom could be eaten

It rarely is because it is so tiny and it tastes like nothing. Some gourmet chefs use it as a decorative garnish though.