collection of some mushrooms today

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mushrooms that I find are very rare I find this type of fungus. This fungus usually grows on dead wood. but this fungus that I found grows on the ground.

I am on this occasion I want to show some of the mushrooms that I shot to all of you, you see them below.




You can see this mushroom has different characteristics from other mushrooms and looks very beautiful and fascinating.

I found this mushroom in the forest garden at this time I was walking in the forest garden then I saw a fungus growing on the ground, then I took a picture of this mushroom.

but I don't know the name of this type of mushroom and can eat or be poisonous.

  • and I also have a collection of other mushrooms you can see below.




I took a photo using the Vivo Y12 model camera, at the location of the Aceh Forest Park, Indonesia.



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