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RE: FUNGI FRIDAY ) Mushrooms are delicious and can be eaten

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@kasna, thank You a lot for sharing such a quality photos with us!
I like your shrooms very much! hope you enjoyed the upvote from OCD curator who supports communities on HIVE.

#fungifriday tag means its a Friday challenge... post should be posted not Sunday or Saturday or Wednesday... but on Friday! will look forward for your next great posts!



Thank you very much my brother, I'm sorry for my mistake, I really don't know, if you have to post #FUNGIFRIDAY on Friday, maybe next time I won't be wrong again, thank you for your warning, brother 😊

'wrong' is a bad word to use here, you shared a great post - TY!

I mention it just to educate you, now you in the know :)
welcome on Fridays, but of course, feel free to share mushrooms any day you like!


Thanks you very much dear friend