puff-ball macro (x12 focus stake)

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A little excercise in macro photography:
this puffball capture was made by stitching 12 separate images (automatically).

5625w xpro.jpg

location: Russian countryside October 2020 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 150mm raw-conv.
f 3.5 t 1/100 ISO 800 x12 focus stake

I am not 100% happy with the result (it is not breath-taking and something remarkable), but more or less... quite good. And its definitely better than some of my previous takes (staked from 2-3 separate shots). What do you think, mates?




I collected some not too matured ones (planned to try frying them on a pan)...


...but they turned out to be rather matured and not white inside, which means they already not suit for cooking purposes. So, next try maybe will take place next season.


Don't they look sympatico?

oh, and Happy Fungi Friday to you!

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I think it came out pretty cool! I have never tried stacking photos myself.
Happy #fungifriday :)

I am jealous this year has been bad for puffballs as the rain has been to light this fall.

Fantastic macro puffball photos ..!
I haven't seen any this year 🙁.
Thank you for sharing yours..!! 😊😊

oh? it is season for them since August, i am sure they are very common and wide-spread all around the globe, you should meet them by this time... i think.

happy #FungiFriday, Anne!

I have normally seen them by now...!!!!
But I'm seeing other mushrooms I don't usually see very often.
A strange year in many different ways.
Happy Fungi Friday..!

hello dear friend @qwerrie good night
Don't be so demanding with yourself, the image turned out great. Congratulations
I appreciate very much that you showed us these beautiful photographs
have a wonderful night and a great weekend

mushroom picture is very beautiful and cool. I really like it..success.

Very beautiful photos. I don't usually take them to eat. And you ?

I dont take them too, better say: I never used to, but since last year I know they are edible, I decided to try - and when I find those in sufficient amount I pick up them. But they turned to be matured more than needed to be good for cooking. So, this certain basket went to trash (unfortunately). Maybe next time I will find them with better timing! And, The question also is to find not 2-3, but quantaty suitable for cooking purposes. And they should not be picked after a heavy rain - after which they may be like tasteless texture-less jelly inside...

glad you enjoyed the photos. are those 'mystique mushrooms' too?