fungi friday - mushrom mix (10 foto)

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Hola, setero! Today I share some fresh mushroom impressions I brought from my short trip to ...


Oysters I found on a gigantic old poplar trunk, all green and mossy. There were like 6-8 families growing at once. THis one was located at sufficient height above, and the capture was performed rather counter-light. Dont do that :P


Some nice solid Porcini - untouched by the worms yet. We found them first!


His a bit more matured neightbour.


Léccinum aurantíacum (Orange-cap boletus). Little baby, he was hiding beneath the leaf... I left him safe.


A newborn Amanita muscaria - with a little visitor.


An unidentified little redhead. Would love to know the iD, actually. I witnessed a huge colonies of this specie in July - it would be a good harvest, if it is something useful and edible. But I am not sure.


They built a colonies like this, scattered all over the grass.


Another UFO. I have a strong suspicion it is Tricholoma sp., but which one exactly? There are both edible and non-edible species there. And, after all, I might be wrong and its something totally different... Not 100% sur e- dont pick up!


This nice pair is Xerócomus subtomentósus.


Летом я был уверен что нашел рыжика... а теперь думаю что это скорее была розовая волнушка. Их действительно легко спутать (а приложение в вашем смартфоне точно спутает их - гарантия 146%). Волнушки и рыжики очень похожи на вид, оба относятся к молочным грибам, растут в тех же самых еловых и березовых лесах, но есть существенные нюансы, которые следует запомнить неопытным грибникам. Волнушки чаще попадаются в лесу, они более распространены. А рыжики еще нужно поискать, знать места, где они растут. Рыжики самые вкусные среди млечных грибов, относят к 1-й категории: их можно даже есть сырыми, они имеют аромат напоминающий горькую герань... А волнушки горькие, их следует вымачивать 3 дня перед употреблением в еду, и можно даже отравиться.
When I was shooting it (and a few of his relatives) in the Summer, I was sure I've got a Saffron milk mushroom in my hands... but later some doubts appeared. It could be actually Lactárius torminósus! It's very easy to confuse both species (and your smartphone app will surely confuse them - 146% guarantee!). Both species have very similar outlook. Both belong to milk mushrooms, grow in the same spruce and birch forests.. but there are significant nuances that should be remembered by inexperienced mushroom hunters. L.torminósus are more common in the forest, and rather wide-spread. As for the saffron milk caps - you have to look hardly for them, and know well the places where they occure. Saffron milk caps are the most delicious of all milky mushrooms, they belong to the 1st grade mushrooms, and even can be eaten raw, without cooking (@bambuka showed us beautiful examples in his posts), they have an aroma reminiscent of bitter geranium... And L.torminósus have bitter taste, they should be soaked for 3 days before cooking.
Шляпки волнушек имеют пушок. Они имеют цвет розовый, светло-желтый и оранжевый, сходный с цветом рыжиковых шляпок. Шляпки обоих видов имеют узор в виде концентрических колец - но у волнушек этот узор выражен в меньшей степени. (Как по мне - так себе критерий...) У волнушки шляпка поменьше, ее форма больше похожа на полусферу, а края более закруглены вниз. Шляпка рыжика закруглений почти не имеет. Если рыжик срезать - со временем он синеет, а срез волнушки остается белым, лишь слегка зеленеет.
Woolly milkcap's cap is fluffy. They have a color of pink, light yellow and orange, similar to the color of camelina caps. Both mushrooms caps have a pattern of concentric rings - but L.torminósus has it less pronounced. (To me, this sounds like a obscure criterion...) Woolly milkcap has a smaller cap, its shape is more like a hemisphere, and the edges are more rounded down. The saffron milk's cap has almost no curves at its edges. Their stem being cut lookes different too: saffron milk's turns blue over time, and wolly milkcap's cut remains white, and slightly greenish.

I am adding this video as a bonus - look at the real Saffron milk caps, feel the difference, and try to remember its outlook. Hope it helps! This mushroom really worth educating about it.

Now, its time to part ways, I wish you good luck -- and Good Hunting! Oh, and Happy #FungiFriday to you.

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Love the first image! beautiful combination of green and purple and light.

oh! let me count this as a compliment.
actually, this shot was counter-ling, the lens caught the lighting and I thing one could name my capture totally 'ruined' or 'spoiled'. happily, it was raw, and I managed to grab something out of it...
I do know you are not on a mushroom diet anymore and filling your own folders now :P but, uh, would be curious to see what would you make of it... wanna try your skills? I can provide you a .raw file in discord.

It was a compliment :)

and -- Happy #FungiFriday to you!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 39 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

wow, thatks a lot -- !BEER back to you, sir!

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Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Wow-wow 😍😍

let me count that as a speechless compliment ;P

some tiny mushrooms look really beautiful and amazing .... cool shot.

thank you! yes, the tiny and delicate, fragile -- they are so touchy!

@qwerrie - The first photo of the mushroom on your post is truly amazing beautiful.


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hey, and the rest?!


here is the !BEER for you, my friend

@qwerrie - The rest photos of mushroom are well captured details of the mushroom. But the first photo is so stunning and speechless beauty 🍄. Thanks for the BEER.

Have a great Saturday. 😊

thanks for reply! the intresting thing is, the 1st picture of the post was a bad capture, almost ruined by the contra-light. I tried to over-photoshop to resque it, thats why it has such unusual ethereal colours.
and now, with the new day, I have more !BEER to share :=)

Hey @andyjim, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @andyjim, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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