Fungi Friday - Oysters (visual story - 11 foto)

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Hola, setero! Today I share well-known good, edible mushrooms: Oysters. You can find them in the local supermarket as well, as they are super-easy to grow... and you can stumble upon them in the forest, they use to grow in huge families So you will not pass by a tree scattered with their colonies.


This old poplar tree is not a deadwood, but this is no problem for the fellas - they feel well and grow up to amazing quantaty and quality. I mean, amazing size: I didnt cropped this beauty... I really wanted to, but my wife put a 'veto' on it... well, its a wise thing do not harvest mushrooms that grow at the megapolis area - it is not eco friendly.


ok, enjoy the pics! This old poplar was covered with green moss, which worked as a nice background, I am in love with the pictures, how they turned out.




And here is the biggest of them.


After This encounter I, actually, started to borrow a light wooden ruler in my back - just for a possible emergency case, like this! :P

This poplar tree, I should note, is standing in the yards in the part of city I cross on everyday basis following my daughter to school. So, I was lucky to notice those Oysters colony right from the start... maybe even right from day one or day two as they have popped up. I wasnt borrowing camera with me 100% everyday, but I made a few attempts - which varied in lighting condition, and of cource (the most precious!) matched different phases of their life cycle. So, I have photos of same mushrooms aged by 3-5 days.


And the photo of a local cat overseer -- adding it to please @ackhoo, @ewkaw, and myself, as well. As this is the yards territory, and there are many residential buildings around... inside of which there are undoubtedly a large number of cats... that need to walk out... I met a sufficient number when I photographed mushrooms. Once I even saw a cute little black and white kittie standing proudly in a pile of feathers - apparently, it was all that was left of someone. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to take a proof photo.




Let me round up with this final one - a beautiful bokehlicious work of 50mm lens, which really can transform an everyday stuff into magic!


location: St.Petersburg, Russia October 2020 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 150mm, 50mm raw-conv.

Now, its time to part ways, I wish you good luck -- and Good Hunting. Oh, and Happy Fungi Friday to you!

#FungiFriday fun challenge is hold by @EwkaW

I hope many of you will join, as there are only 2 simple rules:

  • when Friday comes, share your fungi with us! post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, stolen images will be checked and reported !)
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How are you friend @qwerrie good afternoon
You are very professional with the camera, you take incredible shots, they look like a work of art, it is true that the green background created by the moss makes the family of mushrooms look very good
I appreciate that you showed us this collection of images
have a wonderful afternoon. and a happy rest

thank you a lot, you are too kind. I happen to do good shots indeed, but I do a lot of bad shots too :) I am just skilled / trained at editing the captures, actually... and try to use good lighting and nice backgrounds - this benefits my shots. you can do almost the same with a good contemporary smartphone, extra macro lens, and good lighting :P

have a nice day! and here is a little extra !ENGAGE 20 for you

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Perfect specimen, i'm trying to grow some of these right now. I hope the kit is not a dud.

'dud'? new word to me - is it 'fake' ?..

It basically refers to ammunition that won't fire basically defective.

oh, Grazie mille, this was missing in my active vocabulary, I 'll try to memorize it :P - !ENGAGE 20

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 32 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Ohhhh the colours on those! Love that combination of grey white and bright green.

Of course you had to drop a kitty shot too :p

thank you, dear @qurator. I must confess I love those myself very much, too. most part of the session.

This is perfectly fine.
I've not seen this mushroom before.

Okay boss, I did a post on fungi Friday.
I'm inviting you to take a look

I am not a boss, I am a fungi lover like you.. just with a bigger camera, hehe! and we both have different conditions, and differen shrooms popping around. you can capture something that never appears in my location, and vice versa.

Happy #FungiFriday to you, too!

Yeah you're right.

Great find, they are incredible mushrooms. You did a great photographic job.

I should note 'for the record' it is not the 1st time I find thos, actually I was shooting them a lot of times before, but this time I was lucky to have some conditions multiplied, into a very nice result. I am happy with those, indeed. thank you!

His oyster mushrooms look really fantastic. A great photo motif and after the photo shoot a delicious meal. I hope for such a motive in the coming weeks also in our region.

Very nice!

I hope for such a motive in the coming weeks also in our region.

oh! but isnt it too late? winter havent started but weather is colder day by day! witnessed the 1st snowdrop and a load of ice today. probably, wild oysters will not appear before the next June-July?

This weekend I want to go to an area in the Spessart Forest where I could find numerous oyster mushrooms. Maybe I will have luck.

Happy weekend 😀

Bon Appetit then (in advance!)

cheers, and the !BEER

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I think I watched some of them in the Forest where I use to search porcini mushrooms, but I was not sure they were edible. Now I know, thanks 😊

they are very nice shrooms, and the 'wild' ones (as I was told from few persons) are more tasty and aroma, then the artificially-grown ones you can have from the store. they have very characteristic shape and look, if you educate yourself about this specie once, you will be able always to recognize them. btw, there are several Oysters species - and all of them are good and edible. cheers, and thanks for a feedback. my pleasure it was a useful post for you!

So sweet are the mushrooms on a tree overgrown with moss ...
They come to the fore so beautifully, and I support your wife who vetoed cutting mushrooms.
And of course cats have to satisfy their curiosity 😉
And you enjoy their presence ...
@qwerrie 🤗
Happy Fungi day 🍄☀️

I support your wife who vetoed cutting mushrooms.

hehe. what can I say. there are PRO, and there are CONTRAs, but my wife ofc has the ultimate voice, like USA in UnitedNations... today we had champignon mushrooms in the buckwheat porridge (mushrooms fried with onions). plain meal, but delicious! alas, the mushrooms had to be bought in the store for it...

Hehehe ... that's how it is with women. And so it should be 😉
Great meal. I will also have mushrooms for lunch tomorrow 🤗
Have a nice evening 🌌✨

here's the most gorgeous mushroom I've ever seen ... cool.

Какими красивыми и аккуратными они могут быть, оказывается! Я почему-то думала, что вешенки - это лопухи среди грибов.

лопухи?! странное мнение. они обычно довольно таки маленькие. тот что с линейкой - просто исключительный экземпляр - видимо то что получается в идеальных условиях когда питательная база оптимальная. это помоему первый раз, когда мне удалось вешенку красиво сфоткать. удачно совместились время (ранняя стадия), зеленый мшистый фон, ну и света было мало, но все же "было", а не как в лесу, когда вокруг кроны и его нету вообще. я доволен этой сессией, есть что показать . "товар лицом" как говорится :)

Apoyando con voto y reblog

I noticed that. Glad you like my photos. I wish you find an intresting fungi too.

Thank you

Curated for #naturalmedicine by @justinparke.

I am used to seeing this little guys in my wok or hot oil, but very rarely in their natural habitat. We used to buy them nearly every day in Cambodia, where they are quite cheap, but have become a rare and expensive treat here in Suriname.

Thanks @qwerrie for sharing this with us.

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Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing

thank you very much, I am happy you enjoyed the pics, @marjuanm

I also fell in love with your photos. I love collecting oyster mushrooms, but I have never seen such families.

thank you for the kind words, nice you enjoyed the pics.
and which families do you happen to cross paths?
(are they just smaller, or what did you mean).
I agree, those I met, were a great exclusive examples - very meaty, they matured into very sizeable and fruitful bodies. it was rather an exception - I often see oysters of much less size and quality (a few times I met an Oak Oyster - those do not grow in large colonies at all, they were 1, 2 at once, not more).

hope to meet you next Friday! tho, the season have ended, oysters may be quite a late autumn mushrooms, you can grab them when nothing more is left in the lonely forest :P