fungi relay - 'my 1st post' (visual story in 16 fotos)

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Hola, setero! No fresh mushroom impressions today, on the contrary: today I gonna share some oldies! My friend @bambuka initiated a lovely nostalgic initiative yesterday, and nominated me to take part. In my turn, I nominate @ewkaw and @sketch.and.jam - read below, and you will see why). So...


The idea is obvious and simple: try to remember your 1st mushroom post on the blockchain, be it HIVE or Steemit, re-do it and extend with observations how much your blogging / fungi lover level have grown, and any other thoughts you will find appropriate. Use #fungirelay tag as one of the first 5 tags. Check the starter/guiding post here.

The challenge accepted! It didnt take much time to find my post, using the Search Filter:
But, of course, you should know beforehand it was published exactly under this #fungifriday tag. Before I relay the actual post, a step back and a few considerations.

At the time I was learning 'the art of blogging' at the WeKu blockchain (just checked it now -- defunct, servers down since late 2020). There I was introduced to the #fungifriday initiative that I enjoyed pretty much, by heart! Ventured it and tried not to miss any week. I proudly can claim that I never run out of fungi! tho sometimes I miss the right posting time or have no time to shape a proper post, to edit the photos taken and present them on a solid level.


Anyway. Thats how it started. I cant remember now what was my first post provided for #fungifriday, as WeKu have gone (not to the Moon, as promised!). But I do remember quite a few very special posts and users that were bringing in outstanding, stunning, refreshing stuff - one girl from Aceh (who was not on Steemit), @ewkaw, @marianomariano.

Early in April 2019 I created a Steemit account and soon abandoned WeKu as a rotting, sinking ship -- my #fungifriday participation happily continued here, and my 1st memory here was: commenting and upvoting with my almost-zero-steem-power beautiful posts by @sketch.and.jam. Things are being erased from the memory pretty fast, but I slightly remember his Chantarelles post was among the 1st that I meet and explicited my delight with, even before doing a single own post.

Looking back at my posting level; well, I was not in the know of the divs and columns, of the clickable images and hi-res versions, I wasnt sharing a longread stories -- but very soon got the idea, learned the markup language and since the time develop constantly my posting habits, and try to bring more quality content. The last but not the least: during the few years that gone, I developed another habit as a photographer: I started to take pics in .raw format. This allowed me to raise significantly the quality level of my photos, to upgrade my photo processing skills. (And also I obtained a dedicated macro lense...) Comparing my old photos and new ones, you can see the difference with the naked eye! Now, the Drums! here goes my first mushroom post, shared at Steemit on April 26, 2019.


Taken with Canon 350D, 50mm 1.4 | All rights reserved

#FungiFriday fun challenge by @EwkaW

I hope many of you will join as there are only 2 simple rules:

  • when Friday comes, share your fungi with us! post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, stolen images will be checked and reported !)
  • add #fungifriday tag (not necessarily must be your first tag). that's all!


By the time we were not allowed to use more than 5 tags... The post earned 0.16 steem as payouts. It got two comments from @qurator moderators team, and 15 upvotes from my friends: @a0i, @nikv, @miroslavrc, @juancar327, @ewkaw, @blacklux, @tatdt - which I've got to know mostly from my WeKu days. Drums off. End of the story. As you may notice, it was not big; well, the size does matter, but after all its not the only thing that matters. And there exist things we do not for the money, but for our own heart.


Oh, and these Chantarelles picture was the one my memory whispered me to be my first mushroom post; but turned out it was not.


A photo from 2014 Summer vacays, one of my sweetest memories.


And I guess, now its a good opportunity to tell you this bit of the story. When I established the FL community and tried to add design elements, like the banner and userpic, I considered and tried three images, and this was one of them. 'Listen to what the fungi say'.

Let me share some more shots from that session. They are beautiful, isnt it? No editing was applied, except of resize.

ff IMG_2097w.jpg

ff IMG_2098w.jpg



It is, indeed, 'a full and extended version' of original post. I always imagine myself, when I see quite a few best shots assorted from a whole session by build-editors for publication, how much is being left and hoarded, hoarded, hoarded in the archives.


ff IMG_2103w.jpg

ff IMG_2104w.jpg







ff IMG_2112w.jpg

I have added both the beautiful model, who posed me so well during all of the session, and FL community account, as 10% beneficiars of my post. Feel free to do the same, I guess it is a positive thing to give back to community, to grow together.



Hahah cool challenge. It is not gonna be that easy for me to find my first mushroom post. I think I was posting mushrooms before the #fungifriday even started :p This is gonna be fun :)
Thanks for the nomnation!

aha! my pleasure! I simply owe this to you - and @aketch.and.jam. this is how it all started for me. but actually, as @bambuka suggested in his starter post, one can go without a nomination, too!

PS. curious, how you gonna go, how will you manage the search quest?..

I think I got it :)
I actually used the search link you posted, but changed the tags to the ones I could have been using. I am not sure if it is my first mushroom post, but it is the earliest one I found.

P.S. Had no idea steempeak has search like that :p

oh! my pleasure to educate you a bit :P
will look forward to your 'remixed' version and maybe a story... :P


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 41 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Weku.... Mentioning that place its considered a profanity! 😂

I remember some of those pics! Specially the ones your lil princess is holding the shrooms!

considered a profanity!

oh! ahaha! ok. I am that sort of a person... using not polite-correct vocabulary :P

Ура! Лёд тронулся ))

Great post, I think the # OCD should check it out))
You are right, when we post 1-2 photos in a post, there is still a whole bunch of unclaimed ones in the archive. Another idea of the initiative has appeared, but it needs to be considered. Let's see how this relay will take root.
Your daughter is doing well as a fashion model. You need to work as partners
Замечательный пост, я думаю, что #OCD должен его проверить ))
Ты прав, когда мы выкладываем в пост 1-2 фотографии, в архиве остаётся ещё целая пачка невостребованных.Появилась ещё одна идея инициативы, но её надо обдумать. Посмотрим, как приживётся эта эстафета.
Твоя дочь хорошо справляется с ролью фотомодели. Вам нужно работать как напарникам

беззубые улыбаки - это милота)

хех. на фотках, тем более чужих - да! а вот в жизни, на те коричневые хлипкие пеньки вместо норм зубов, смотреть было страшно. вода у нас плохая :/ сейчас-то отрасли, тьфу, тьфу...

@qwerrie - Your model is pretty cute and adorable. And made the photos including the story of the mushroom so much more interesting.

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thank you! such a pleasure she didnt request to pay her salary for posing. but she is getting her part being payed in pizzas :)))
(and a !BEER back, or you'd prefer !WINE ?).

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