8 fungi, a snail and a frog [16 foto]

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Hola, setero! Today I share some mushroom impressions I brought from my summer holidays. All of this was shot at the village south to St.Petersburg, Russia.


The up-side of this polypore mushroom do not look like so intrigue and attrctive and mesmerizing, like the downside one, which is a pure maze.


IMG_2578  w1.jpg

A Woolly milkcap, it has such a nice 'whooly' texture. A cropped fragment of same mushroom (no scale down) shows it pretty well. Now you got the idea why did it receive its name. It was a pure pleasure to observe its growing, developing and aging... I took two dozen of pictures. This mushroom doesnt change drastically its shapes during its grouth, tho.



The mushroom was standing alone in the field of dead spruce leaves, and resembled an elves' house ready to accept habitants a lot.


A matured puff-ball.


A snail grazing on an old slimy decaying Russula fungus. I was attracted very much by this fungus texture: it cracked and its cap was scattering away, like a flower's petals, not an everyday kind of a sight.



A coral mushroom.



A little froggie on a mushroom. Isnt it nice? Look, how one little extra details alters all the ensemble, and makes the picture become to sing? I have shoot a lot of amanita mushrooms back in Auguest, they are quite spectacular without any dead flies around or without the frogs... but if a frog included, it momentarily levels up your capture. So... what I can say to my brother photographers? If you grabbed a camera and goint to the local woods to take some fungi macros, you better put into your bag a dozen of frogs and snails as a props, this will benefit your pictures a lot!!


UFO (unidentified fungi). We had a whole 'strawberry fields' of this specie back in August.


Again, UFO (another kind of them).


Those are grilled, and very very tiny. Appeared at different flowerbeds in our garden.



An Ugly milk cap - with a froggie bonus.

Now, its time to part ways, I wish you good luck -- and Good Hunting!
All the pictures taken with Canon 350D and Tamron 60mm lens.


very good shot, looks all these mushrooms are dazzling amazing .... cool.

Grazie Mille! glad you like my efforts.

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thanks! thats a nice rounded well statistics, its always a pure pleasure to receive your updates. please come on a regular basis to my blog :P

We will do @qwerrie 😉

hello dear friend @qwerrie good night
What a beautiful post congratulations
What beautiful finds and beautiful images that you have been able to capture.
I really appreciate that you let us know all this information about them.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon and a happy start to the week

Excelente!! Bellísimas fotografías.