Great news from forest: mushroom season has officially begun

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

You might still remember me "spamming" your feed with mushroom posts last year and here we go again - today I am coming with the first mushroom post of this year :)

I already made a few unsuccessful mushroom hunts in the past weeks (knowing that mushrooms were already growing in some parts of the country) but it was not until yesterday that I finally got myself a nice and fresh catch. In fact, the hunt didn´t even take one hour as it was very hot and I was under a constant attack of swarms of flies, mosquitoes and other insects in the forest but that was still enough for me to pick these...


I know the mushrooms don´t look that cool when they are already picked and placed on the kitchen counter top but it would be extremely uncomfortable for me to photograph them in the forest because of the conditions I just mentioned. Hopefully next time :)

Anyway, I was really excited about my yesterday´s catch that was also an indisputable evidence that this year´s mushroom season has officially begun in our region too.

I don´t want to bother you guys with mushrooms as much as I did last year but I cannot promise that this is my last mushroom post this year. Probably not :)

How about you guys? Do you also love mushroom picking? If so, has the season already started in your country / region? Let me know in the comment section below.

PS: This is also my very first contribution to the Fungi Lovers community :)

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Good day. It looks delicious and beautiful in appearance. Looking for mushrooms is a great activity and good for your health. Great bright post. Have a nice day. Thanks you.

Thanks man :) A part of that turned out to be a delicious dinner and the rest was stewed and frozen for next time :) I can see you are from Ukraine so I am pretty sure mushroom picking is popular in your country too, right?

Yes, of course we like to pick mushrooms and berries. There are many beautiful forests in Ukraine. Thank you very much for responding to my comment.

nice find 👍🏻 Enjoy the food 😊

Thanks :) I made a wonderful "houbová smaženice" from it :D

Moje fotky hříbků už jsi nejspíš viděl. V několika postech z mé dovolené se ukázaly :-)

Viděl. A záviděl ;)

Také jsi našel pěkné :-)

do spam again, please :P

Haha ok no problem :D

That's going to make a nice mushroom soup of steak and mushrooms fresh picked by you always make a great meal in what ever way you are going to use them.

Exactly, I love all mushroom meals :) But I really enjoy picking them too.

Me to my wife knows many mushroom recipes and spicy ones to love them all 😁

Oh I love spicy food :) Just got a Carolina Reaper from a friend and have already eaten most of it :D

Lol , and you didn't leave any for me 🤔