Two Kinds of Mushrooms We Can't Eat

in Fungi Lovers2 months ago

Hi all hive friends, And especially for you mushroom lovers, Well this time I want to share two types of mushrooms, which we cannot eat,

I found two types of mushrooms that we can't eat, but if we eat it might make it dangerous for us, but I don't know the names of these two types of mushrooms.




This one mushroom I found on the edge of the well and precisely on the muddy ground,

I only see these mushrooms are so Beautiful, they grow well and are perfect near water on wet soil ...




So here are some pictures of mushrooms that I took today, hopefully this can be useful for us, hopefully,

It is forbidden to eat these two types of mushrooms ..


The top looks like pleated ink caps the bottom looks like wood ear.

Wow! Good shots, accurate information, thanks for sharing.