FUNGI-FRIDAY: Three kinds of mushrooms that we can't eat

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Hello beloved friends, yes today meet again with me And of course this time I want to share some beautiful Mushroom Pictures, but we can't eat,
Today I came back to take some pictures of mushrooms that grow on the roots of bamboo trees that are dead, and also the pound of bamboo has been burned and then grows several types of mushrooms, on the roots of the bamboo tree.




I found Three types of mushrooms which are beautiful and also look very clean the mushrooms have a bright color and are also visible,
I found two types of mushrooms that are white and the other one has an orange color, but the orange one is very small, and it grows by itself, not piling up like other mushrooms,
So, while these two types of mushrooms have a white color, I found a pile that is very much,



But I think these three types of mushrooms we can't eat, if we eat, they might make things we don't want, like we go into poisoning or get drunk, because of eating these mushrooms,




A few weeks ago I found a community that I really love, which is a mushroom lover community which is named (Fungi Lovers) in this community we can post all kinds of mushrooms, and wherever they are ,,


I also want to convey my greetings, to the members of the Fungi Lovers community, hopefully, you will be fine and always healthy,
@qwerrie (ADMIN)
@davidgermano (MOD)
@ewkaw (MOD)
@sketch.and.jam (MOD)
I am very proud of you who have made this community and also do it well, good luck always,


And for all my friends, you think you have mushrooms, you can post them in the community Fungi Lovers

And if you make a post on Friday then you can use #FUNGIFRIDAY as a special teg on Friday,

Now maybe this is all I can say in my post this time, hopefully it can be entertained and can also be useful and can be entertained.

Original images and stories by me @kasna


Ooo look at those lovely cinnabar polypores :-)

Thank you very much my brother, I am very happy to be in this community ..

The cinnabar polypore has some medicinal properties, antibacterial and antitumor. I'm not sure how to extract it though, possibly in an alcohol tincture.

Is it true,? I really don't know, it can be a medicine, because I don't know much about mushrooms, and I don't know anything about them, thank you very much my brother ,,

Oh my... those orange ones (Just read they are called cinnabar polypores) are so pretty!!
Amazing colour.
Happy Fungifriday :)

Thank you very much my brother, I really don't know the names of these mushrooms ,,

hey, i am a bit too late with my comment, but anyway --
Happy Fungi Friday!!
Orange polypores are very very lovely, but (strange, but fact!) this is maybe my fave image this time --

I love them being portrayed 'in their natural environment'

Thank you my brother, I saw them growing naturally in the roots of the bamboo trees, but the bamboo trees were getting dry, and I'm not sure they would still grow there, because in my opinion, if winter doesn't exist, then the fungus is very It's hard to grow up, in a place like this ,,

Thank you very much, I really enjoy what you have given to my position now in this community my brother ,,

my pleasure!