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RE: Mushroom Monday - Spiciest Mushroom Ever

in Fungi Lovers3 months ago

Wow! Spicy mushroom! Very nice! You are surrounded by strange but nice mushrooms.


Now if only I could find the blue versions of these guys. Lactarius indigo its a blue colored version of this mushroom with only a mild spicy taste.


googled it - looks simply amazing! I wish you find it sooner, then later. it seems more or less well spread specie

They look amazing and they taste better than the peppery ones I found from what I've read. I might have to go up to Wisconsin to find them though.

Wow! Never thought blue mushrooms exist on the planet! Look really fantastic!
Now, it would be nice to find find silver and gold mushrooms. LoL

I bet the silver and gold mushrooms are deep in the forests of Malaysia.

Then there is no chance to reach them in those forests! Tigers and wild beasts would devour all human intruders into their secret realm.

You’ll have to create some from your magic potion!

Or I could trick other mushroom hunters by bringing some gold and silver spray paint with me and tagging the mushrooms first. They would be so excited to have found a golden mushroom :-)

That’s very dangerous going into the forest! You could use a flying robot!!