beautiful maladies - mushroom abominations

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Hola, setero! No good sympatico mushrooms for you today...
Just some gloomy and rotten ones.

IMG_3249 w.jpg
Blind idiot mushroom. If only he had listened to what his mother said, he would not have ended so badly.


Not a real abomination, just a Russula somebody didnt notice and crushed with his foot ..


Amanita muscaria -- aging so badly!


Rotten Russula. View from the cap's downside.
Yellow dog, yellow press... yellow anything.


Stems of an ordinary looking nice edible mushroom... getting this bizarre blueish-tint in a few seconds after you make a cut. Spooky. And frightening. But the shrooms are edible inspite of that suspicious color reaction ...


A black-heart-shaped Russula. Probably heart broken from rejected love. Same story, old as a good old world.


This no iD shroom preferred to grow his cap into the infinity sign. Smart fellow! Would have had an A in math at the uni, I guess. But did not enter :(

One shroom never kills another shroom, you think? Wrong! Here I have a proofpic. The mushroom king is dead, and his crown soon will drop downstairs.


"Every family has its black sheep", they say. True for mushrooms, as well.


There are a beautiful photos of this magical creatures in the nature.

grazie mille, @galberto. some Bad Setero, like @opidia, consider them boring, hehe. she simply not tuned to the mushroom wave.


Oooh i love the one in heart shape and the last ones are ...yep

I afraid to sound annoying.. but the mushrooms never the same. even 1 same mushroom, at same spot, photographed in different light and different time of his life, can change VERY dramatically, sometimes within a few hours!

and what about different spots, different backgrounds? different angles? help of little critters, like snails, bugs, butterflies?..

but of course, I talk about art of photography, not about the smartphone clicking... which indeed head us to boring all-the-same-pictures, which are hardly intresting, and they dont present mushrooms in all their beauty..

I totally agree with you ! I adore mushrooms in all shapes and forms , hence my joy of presenting any types of mush even the plastic ones .
For me mushrooms represent life as they feed the trees , the spirits and are magical
Here mine from France forest :)


o! I recognize the Umbrella shroom that we dont have around here...



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@ewkaw, hope you like this little compilation. I wonder what will be your faves here?..

6! Definitely 6!
Cool colours :)

heart-shaped Russula? ok. nice to know!

I really like this russula mushroom, this mushroom looks very beautiful, with a beautiful shape, and also a bright color ...

thank you, @kasna. Russula is very ordinary and well-spread shroom here. but its nice to meet some more intreting shapes than often.