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RE: Mushroom Monday - Spiciest Mushroom Ever

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Why don't those two look like bi-colors to you? I would've thought that's what they were.

Also the species @qwerrie mentioned? Xerocomus? I would have thought those were bi-colored boletes as well.
Guess it's good I don't harvest the boletes anyway. I really just don't care for the taste.


The stems seem a bit too skinny for bicolors. I did successfully eat one of these with no problems. It had a hint of blue cheese taste to it. The stem was not worth eating just the cap. I made sure to cook it extra well to avoid any potential staining toxins. Compared to king boletes the taste wasn't as good.

You ate it without fully identifying it? I know that boletes aren't supposed to kill you but some can make you pretty sick. Just wondering why that wouldn't be considered too risky. Generally it seems to me you are very cautious.

But I've seen a lot of boletes this year. I brought some home and I find even the smell while they're cooking is just plain nasty. Maybe it's an acquired taste, but I can't go there.