My Mushroom Monday | Uncommon Mushroom Found Today 🍄

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Hello Hivers and Mushroom Lovers!!!

This day will be another #mushroommonday for everyone!!!

This is my newest post here on Fungi Lovers Community featuring my #mushroommonday by @balticbadger.


A few days ago, I just found an uncommon kind of mushroom and it is actually the first time I've seen this and it was very beautiful as you look at it and the same time its color is unique which is color orange.


I don't know what kind and the name of this mushroom but if anyone knows this, please comment below. I appreciate all the comments which will be shared.

Happy #mushroommonday

Your Friend @godlovermel25

Special thanks to @qwerrie as ADMIN of the Community and to the following MODERATORS, @davidgermano, @ewkaw and @sketch.and.jam for doing a good job in this community. Just keep up the good work and continue supporting all of us here on Fungi Lovers Community.



To God be the Glory!!!


It's amazing to know how beautiful these little things are. Thanks to this community. We are able to observe the things we seldom notice not give importance before. Thanks for sharing this cookie like mushroom!

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very lovely fungus, and awesome photo. thank you for sharing!

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Ay oo nga noh! Kakaiba siya but ka beautiful oy nice ang color...