My Mushroom Monday | Found Two Kinds of Mushrooms Today 🍄

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Hello Hivers and Mushroom Lovers!!!

This day will be another #mushroommonday for everyone!!!

This is my newest post here on Fungi Lovers Community featuring my #mushroommonday by @balticbadger.


Today, I just found 2 kinds of mushrooms I think the 1st photo shown above is an edible kind of mushroom and another mushroom to be shown below is not edible. The 1st mushroom is known here as "Kaopas" and everyone who will found this kind of mushroom will like it to cook for food.


Here is another mushroom and definitely this one is not edible, I saw this on my way to my farm and looks very interesting. No one I know tries to eat this for we know it is poisonous. So, we must be careful of any kind of mushroom for we don't know sometimes if it is edible or not.

Happy #mushroommonday

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To God be the Glory!!!


The second one grew from a coconut?

I'd rather say it is growing ON it, rather FROM it.


but this is not a serious important detail.

I have shot some nice inc caps today... and totally no time to edit or post anything. maybe i will have a new job soon... then, I will have no time at all for photography again..

excellent captures, I love them a lot. and the 2nd one is a nice find, indeed. a few weeks ago we have a post with tiny shrooms growing from rotten acorn. strong visuals, a pleasure to see this sort of illustrations. thanks a lot for sharing! upvoted, and a little extra reward - !BEER, if you'd like to consume or to keep it :P

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