Fungi relay - my first blockchain mushrooms.

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I was forced to dig today.
To look for some antient Steem Hive history. All because of the a cool challenge @bambuka started yesterday, and earlier today I was nominated by @qwerrie to take part.

What challenge you may want to ask.
Well... you can read about in Bambuka post. Basically it is about going back, finding the very first mushroom post and make it better. Add extra info, or thoughts.

Well this is gonna be fun :)

Jul 26, 2017

Above you can see the very first mushroom photo I posted (or at least that I managed to find in the post history). It was posted on Jul 26, 2017, which means that my account at that point was about one and a half months old. So yea... I was a complete newbie. I was still learning and trying to figure out how things work. And this was a typical one shot shitpost that earned me $0.11 :))


Back then I was still shooting with my old trusty Lumix DMC-FZ8 camera. Ideally would be to add some more photos of this little fella, and I would love to do that, but all the photos were stored on my old laptop that died on me and took all the unedited shot with him. So that is not gonna happen. Not sure if Bambuka wont disqualify me for it :p

I still don't know what is it's name. But since then I managed to upgrade my gear quite a lot, now I would make him look like a damn star! :) If I manage to find it again.

Funfact: #fungifriday tag did not exist at that time :)

Aug 25, 2017

And now I think it is worth mentioning the non-existing #fungifriday tag, since many of you participate and it is attached to the Fungi Lovers community. The photograph above was my very first entry to the challenge posted on Aug 25, 2017. And again.. only this photo as the rest is lost (and this also proves that nothing is lost in the blockchain, right? ;))


The challenge and tag was initiated by @markangeltrueman on the very same day as my first participating post. Soon after and with Mark's permission I took over the challenge.

And this is how it has been rolling since August 2017! I don't think there has been a single Friday that the tag wasn't used. I have skipped some, but if I did, you guys posted your posts. And this is what I find awesome! There is always some little, or big shroom to look at.

@ackhoo, would you like to join?
Of course everyone is welcome to participate and start digging.

And so it turned out that the post is not so much about the mushroom, but about the 3,5 year old journey...
It was nice to look at those old post and see how my way of posting and photographs changed. Also I got to see some very familiar names in the comment section that are no longer active.
Such a shame...

Shot with Lumix DMC-FZ8
All photos and text are my own

mushroom draw.png


nothing is lost in the blockchain, right?

absolutely correct. but theres a nuance: it may get lost within all the blockhain, right? ;)

I don't think there has been a single Friday that the tag wasn't used.

its a pleasure to know this. some folks say that in early days Steemit has more contests than it has now... er... than HIVE has now -- I really dont know, as I was a late-joiner. But I feel passionate about the thread that goes on and on, without 'exausting the well'. Probably it means everything is ok with it. Since we have communities, I think it is a good thing that the challenge has a good 'home'.
@ackhoo, do join please.

it may get lost within all the blockhain, right? ;)

That's why I call it digging. I do hope that one day we will have some very cool search or sorting option. I would to be able to find my old posts and somehow group them.

There was a lot of contests. I just don't know if it was more. I know I participated more (I hardly do now) in them as it is one of the ways to get to know people and get yourself noticed too. Newbies tend to forget about it. Nobody will find you, if you don't even try to get noticed. The communities now do help a lot though. And they do help sorting content a lot too.
Finally mushrooms in one place :)

Finally mushrooms in one place :)

not at all! (but I work in that direction ;) some go to #NaturalMedicine, some go to #AmazingNature, some go to #HomeGrowingFungi. I dont act jelous, just x-post when I see something appropriate!


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 41 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

@ewkaw That post really makes me feel better as your 2017 is my 2021. And the fungi is cool too. Yellow is my favorite.
Being a newbie I am just starting to discover the whole thing but it is fun so far. Challenging, I am more a one on one person but I hope I will make some progress lol.
@qwerrie I followed your advice a couple of days ago and are cleaning up my picture mess. Sometimes it just takes a reason to do so ;).

In few years you will say... "When I joined Hive...." :p
I think it is worth sticking around. Lots to learn, lots of frustrations too sometimes. But overall it is a fun place.

It is and it is lol.

Turning to your story gives a lot of positive emotions, doesn't it?
And besides, it is interesting to compare what was with what is now :)
Thank you for participating in the @ewkaw relay :-)
I hope that the number of participants in the race will continue to grow and we will get many more cool stories.

Thanks for the challenge! I don't think I would dig this far to see a specific post.
It was so cool to remember how I was starting years ago..

I hope so too :)


Cool that yellow one looks like a waxycap if I had to guess. I'll have to see what I posted on steemit as my first fungifriday post lol. Unless Justin Sun deleted my post lol.

Hmm it could be... The shape is there. Colour of some too :)

Haha you never know with him :p

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Hehe, dobre, czytałem post @qwerrie, a teraz twój. Chyba muszę też odkopać swój pierwszy o grzybkach, tyle że mój debiut to chyba było Whaleshares ;) Jestem ciekawy co ja tam za pierdoły powypisywałem :D

oh, Whaleshares! how that place is doing, is it alive?..

your Hive blog isnt long enough and it would be easy to find your 1st post about the mushrooms here (the challenge @bambuka suggested, has connection to the Steemit/Hive, as I understand it). but ofc it would be extremely curious to look at your the very 1st mushrooms post too - I am up to that!

whaleshares is alive, but he could use a respirator;)

haha! (this is not a rotting corpse -- it just smells naturally like that ;)))


Kop kop, chociaz tu bardziej chodzi o Hive/Steem.

What a cool yellow mushroom!

It was :) Thank you!

Wow, it's been that long.... I am going to start dropping in here again.

Yea... been a while :)
Good to see you back!