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I took the only photograph in this short, one - shot post in October 2013 ...

DSC00546 malo.jpg

... on this picture you can see the well known, edible mushroom Craterellus cornucopioides.
These black ... or very dark brown/almost black mushrooms are kind of tricky to photograph ... because, at least in the woods in my area, they get camouflaged in the dark colors on the forest floor, so it's hard to accentuate their shape and a pretty peculiar dark beauty.

Here I used a sheet of white paper to get a bright, studio - like background.

Usually Craterellus cornucopioides look literally like trumpets, small black trumpets ... but sometimes the fruiting body develops in this ornate sculpture, that looks a bit like some dark, goth flower ... a strange black rose with magic powers.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photograph is my work.


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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

This is the first time I see black mushrooms ,this mushroom looks very unique and looks like a flower.

a nice edition of those rare (and hard to find) mushrooms. never met them in my life (yet). I hope, one day!

Here are extremely numerous in some places. But I never encountered here quite a few mushrooms from your photographs.

oh. well, I can understand this. which ones Serbia is missing?..
(after all, we have a different climate and environment... and there are some mushrooms that folks meet on a regular basis, they are not rare -- but I do not.... its a question of numbers, of efforts... I think?.. )

True ... the climate is considerably different ... especially winter climate. I don't remember now which ones exactly, but I remember seeing some photos and thinking "Look that cool mushroom, never saw it here"

Here also I meet people from time to time, that know about places with many mushrooms of some species that I always considered rare ... or even non-existent here ... always some surprises in the fungi world :)

well, its a useless nice info bit I'd be happy to check -- any time you will have this thought ("Look that cool mushroom, never saw it here") feel free to drop a word and alert me on that, aha? :=)


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"A strange black rose with magical powers" ... there is a whole story trying to jump out of that phrase with that picture ... over in the Freewriters Community, they are doing a picture is worth a thousand words contest every week, and boy would this fit in -- @mariannewest , check this great photo out!

Thanks for mentioning :) I will also check the contest.

THANK YOU a lot for engagement on this post. this is really appreciated -- !ENGAGE 10

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There is a nice meal trying to jump out of that picture :-). These are one of the best tasting edible mushrooms out there.

beautiful and cool .... what a perfect shot

Thanks :)

You are good with cameras. You focus accurate and the image gives the exact desired picture. Great work borjan

Thanks :)

You're welcome

Good idea to place the white leave, the color can be easily camouflaged, it is a very dark and swamp-like color, there are several trumpet shapes and it seems rigid.

True, some simple props like a piece of paper can improve the photography a lot ... and are non-expensive and easy to carry around ... swamp - like color is a cool description, yes, it has that look

Wow. These mushrooms look so dark and black! We won’t eat these for fear of turning our tongue black! 😂😂😂

The color will change your words and the words will change your thoughts ... then these thoughts will change your feelings. :D And you will end up as a completely different person because of the magic mushroom!

Wow! Now I want to try this mushroom! Quick! Send me some!! Magic mushroomed!! 🙀😻😻😂😂👽😎👽


These are one of my favorite mushrooms, nice rich taste.

Agree :) the same here.

I have to go up into the mountains in the state next to me to find them though. They seem to like sort of arid higher altitudes around evergreen forests.

I'm pretty lucky when it comes to these mushrooms. :) Have to go just abut 5 - 6 kilometers along the coastline to the woods in which they grow in big numbers.

Interesting, the place I find them is on the mountains near the coast of Lake Superior, the mountain itself is kind of dry but it gets rainfall quite a bit from storms coming across the lake.

Hm ... it has some similarity ... this south of the peninsula it's a relatively dry place ... many trees are small and contorted, often more like shrubs ... but there is always a few - week period in autumn with plenty of rain ... and the black trumpets appear, along many other species ... but some years are more dry than usual an in those years all the fungi are scarce