in Fungi Loverslast month

I went for a walk in search of mushrooms, colors and seasonal atmospheres ...

IMG_0481 malo.jpg

... yesterday ... but first, I drove about 40 kilometers north and inland, to stretch my legs not so close to home ... and maybe see some fungi that I can't encounter in my seaside area.

IMG_0495 malo.jpg

I was sniffing around along the edge of the oak forest ... and the meadow there had some colorful surprises hidden in the grass ...


... while the northern horizon looked pretty intimidating ... I could hear rumble after rumble coming out of these clouds every ten minutes or so.

IMG_0454 malo.jpg

At first glance, it looked like there won't be much to photograph ... I didn't saw any mushroom at first, when I just got out of the car ...

IMG_0455 malo.jpg

... but when I sharpened my concentration and got in the mushroom hunting mood ... I discovered a nice variety of shapes and colors ...


... partially covered with grass ...

IMG_0478 malo.jpg

... and camouflaged among the leaves fallen from the neighboring trees. Many of these mushrooms were hard to notice when seen from above.

IMG_0479 malo.jpg

... only from the sitting prospective ...

IMG_0477 malo.jpg

... I was able to take some shots that looked cool enough.

IMG_4234 malo.jpg

Meanwhile, the bad weather was slowly but steadily approaching ... and I had no idea what species these mushrooms are.


This lovely red one is certainly a young Russula of some kind ... but with quite a few red Russula species around, I'm not sure which one exactly is this. You can see a few acorns near the mushroom on this photograph ...

IMG_0489 malo.jpg

... and since I like acorns ... I mean, I think they look cool ...

IMG_0487 malo.jpg

... I took a few more shots with only acorns in the frame. All the acorn I saw on the ground that day were matured and brown ...


... all but one ... since was only one, it looked like some extraordinary rarity ... there was something magical about this acorn ...

IMG_0494 malo.jpg

... it felt like one of those rare items in video games - a mythical green acorn that gives a perception boost of 25, permanently increases stamina by 2 points ... and some say that can even resurrect the dead companions. Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm in the video game while walking around ... it's fun.

IMG_0482 samo MALO.jpg

These elegant small mushrooms were growing among the young oak sprouts.

IMG_0486 malo.jpg

Here you can take a closer look ... and the flash is on, so the details are lit better.

IMG_0490 malo.jpg

This looks like one more of that same species. While photographing up close these small mushrooms ...

IMG_0472 malo.jpg

... I noticed a minuscule spider ... hanging upside down on his horizontal web.

IMG_0497 malo.jpg

These puff mushrooms were growing under the first line of trees bordering the meadow.

IMG_0501 malo.jpg

Here I switched the flash on ... to get a slightly different picture ... for no particular reason ... It was easy, so I did it - that's all. On the right edge of the photograph, behind the puffs, you can see an interesting pink mushroom.

IMG_0504 malo.jpg

I found another one of those in the open ... on the meadow ... so I took this better shot with natural light.

IMG_0523 malo.jpg

Here you can see ... I mean, barely see ... some other mushrooms hidden in the grass not far from there.

IMG_0506 malo.jpg

These robust mushrooms, the larger species in the post, are sprouting through the intricate carpet made of moss, fallen leaves and ivy ... on the following photograph ...

IMG_0507 malo.jpg

... I turned the flash on ... and this time for a reason ...

IMG_0510 malo.jpg

... I needed more light to get an up close look at the minuscule black spots on the cap of one of the mushroom, the one on the top of the pile of mushrooms on this photograph.

IMG_0511 malo.jpg

Through the macro lens I was able to see that these are some tiny, mosquito - like flies ...

IMG_0521 malo.jpg

... some midge, a species from the Chironomidae family.

IMG_0518 malo.jpg

This one, with feathery antennae, is a male ...

IMG_0512 malo.jpg

... the females are slightly different ... and here you can see one.

IMG_0514 malo.jpg

Many males were dead or dying. While I was busy taking these macro shots ...

IMG_4256 malo.jpg

... the first rain drops started to fall ... so I packed the photo - gear ... sat in my car, that was parked not far from there ...

IMG_4257 malo.jpg

... and drove along the country lane that leads south ...

IMG_4241 malo.jpg

... past the old castle in the town called Svetvinchenat ...

IMG_4242 malo.jpg

... and some old houses in that town ...


... then on the road again ...

IMG_4250 malo.jpg

... driving south all the way ...

IMG_4267 malo.jpg

... when I was approaching the city of Pula, only about 15 kilometers from home ... it was clear that I surpassed the rain ... my hometown was dry at my arrival ... but it was raining heavy that night ... and that's it ... this post ends here ... as always in these fungi ramblings on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


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Thank you :)

Most welcome! :)


Last photograph is awesome. How long is this road?

The straight section on that shot is about 7 - 8 kilometers ... something like that, I think.

That's was interesting even though the rain was chasing you... :) I like those white puff mushrooms, with those protrusions - kinda like some cleaning/bath sponges, lol. Your "minuscule black spots" got interesting (quite pretty) feathery antennae, like moths! Glad you got out of the rain in time.. :)

Excelentes!!! Hermoso trabajo @borjan

Gracias :)

I love mushrooms, so this was a SPECIAL treat!


Very nice mushroom hunt expedition! But you had to go a long way. I am very interested in the young oak sprouts! So many of them, so they grow very easily from acorns. I love to try to grow some oak trees!

You didn’t find any edible mushrooms to take home! This evening I bought two kinds of mushrooms at the market. That old village: time has stopped there!


Cool ... I saw some edibles ... but then while photographing the colorful non - edibles :=) I forgot to pick them before the rain.

Very funny! You were too busy taking photos! Hahaha.