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I went on a little road trip some days ago, driving and visiting woods, meadows and small villages in an area about 50 kilometers from home, in the inland of this peninsula where I live ...


... and among many interesting things I saw & photographed that day, that will appear here on HIVE in some future post, maybe the most surprising one was this spongy white mushroom ...


... because the weather was warm and pretty dry ... especially on the stony meadow where I found this pretty big and robust puffball mushroom ...


... that had a few holes in the outer crust ... so, on this photograph, you can take a look at its interior.


I don't know what puffball species exactly is this.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


Very strange interior, I've never seen on with yellow inside... I would give it a slice to see if there are any gills hiding way at the bottom just in case it hasn't fully bloomed into a cap yet.

Didn't slice it, but explored with the finger all the mushrooms ... there was only a puffball structure ... we have some puffballs that are yellow inside for a short time before turning brown and filled with spores but are smaller and look different overall.

Nice puffball, this one oozes yellow a lot of ours are brown inside, most not edible to my knowledge.

We have quite a few edible puffballs ... although edible only when young ... don't know about this one.

The other day I cooked similar mushrooms, only naturally still young)


A real handsome man !!! It’s very interesting, what’s inside him?

For now is filled with yellow spongy stuff ... but like all mushrooms of this type, after some time the spores will develop under the crust, so the puffball will be filled with fine powder ... I don't know what color will be the spores of this species ... most of the puffball mushrooms in this area have brown spores ... some have black ... and one species is filled with lovely purple powder at the end of its cycle.

Thanks for the great answer!

I guess risky territory if you're unsure of its edibility. I wasn't even aware any puffballs were edible, shows how much I know.

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Yes, taking risks with mushrooms and trying this and that without being sure it's a very bad idea. And can easily lead to a lot of pain ... and a painful death too.