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A few days ago, not far from the sea, while photographing the typical springtime stuff for the NEWS FROM THE MEADOWS series, I took also a few shots of a small mushroom that I didn't expect to find there.


This is the Psathyrella candolleana, and is quite common here in autumn, when it can be found in big numbers on the seaside terrains with short grass.


As you can clearly see on this shot taken from above, the mushroom has grown in between the thorny leaves of the Scolymus hispanicus thistle.
I noticed that these mushrooms, at least here, often grow like this, surrounded by thorns. It's not always the case, but on the meadows with Scolymus hispanicus, or some other thistle, I didn't check the exact species of plant every time, I always see them in this kind of arrangement.
Sometimes the thorny growth around them is much more exuberant, sometimes you see the little umbrellas peeking under the large folded leaves.


Today, while putting together this short post, I found out that the mushroom is edible ... but not recommended due to its poor culinary value and consistency, as well as difficulty in identification. Some sources say that the flavor is nice, but there is not much flesh.


And that's all I can tell you about this small, pretty generic looking mushroom today ... had I found it in autumn - this wouldn't be a big deal, but now, in spring ... it was a highly valuable catch :D that gave me the opportunity to publish a Fungi Friday post out of the fungi season in my area.
As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


He lives in a harsh environment competing with the sharp thistles around him.

Amazing shots of a small mushroom. I am beginning to develop interest in photography and I look forward to learning more. For now, I make use of my phone's camera.

Cool.:) When the light and composition are interesting, the photograph can look very good with every equipment, even the phone camera. I like photography because it makes me go outside, walk a lot, and explore the nature, it's a bit like some kind of sport.

Yea, you are right. Good light andshadow gives a great deal of effect and makes the photo appear beautiful. Same is applicable to art.

Oh year, more like exercise!

Hi @borjan ,I do not it is normal for it to appear in autumn, but as you say it gave you the opportunity to take the photo and talk about this mushroom due to unusual circumstances, you also say that it can be edible, but among so many thorns it is better to be careful when taking it, I do not have much knowledge about mushrooms, therefore I have a lot of care so much that I better buy in the supermarket :), there are several inedibles.
A hug and take care of yourself