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On the following photograph you can see the Clitocybe nuda.

IMG_6132 malo.jpg

I found this colorful mushroom early this morning, under the pine tree ... just outside the city, after the last line of suburban homes. The atmosphere inside the small pine grove was humid and quite different from the conditions on the surrounding open areas ...

IMG_6166 malo.jpg

... where the frost has covered the grass ...

IMG_6179 malo.jpg

... and shrubs along the paths and borders of the meadows.

IMG_6129 malo.jpg

After taking a few shots of this beautiful mushrooms, the first one of its kind that I saw since 2017 or 2018 ...

IMG_6163 malo.jpg

... I continued across the meadow ...

IMG_6165 malo.jpg

... in search of small poetic details ...

IMG_6159 malo.jpg

... fascinated by the icy crystals ...


... it was my 15 minutes of winter wonderland ... first frosty experience since the winter of 2020 ...

IMG_6158 malo.jpg

... I didn't expect to see more fungi related stuff ... but ...


... on one, recently cleared area on the border of the woods ...

IMG_6157 malo.jpg

... on the remains of an oak tree ... I found these Trametes versicolor ...

IMG_6147 malo.jpg

... covered with frost.

IMG_6148 malo.jpg

This young fruiting body has still elements of the spongy structure ... combined with the typical developed turkey tail shape. After these shots ...

IMG_6143 malo.jpg

... I continued ...

IMG_6140 malo.jpg

... across the carpet made of fallen leaves ...

IMG_6146 malo.jpg

... Surrounded by the thick, thorny wall of blackberry shrubs.

IMG_6177 malo.jpg

I took another shot in this area ... and then ... I entered the woods.

IMG_6135 malo.jpg

After a short walk under the trees, I found another mushroom in that frost - free area. I don't know the name of this species. Could be some kind of Cortinarius ... but that's just a vague idea :) not something to take seriously.

IMG_6174 malo.jpg

On my way back to the car ...

IMG_6169 malo.jpg

... I found a bit of ice on the muddy trail ... and some colorful little things trapped in that ice ...

IMG_6171 malo.jpg

... these small fruits ... or seeds ... looked very photogenic ...

IMG_6176 malo.jpg

... so I took these few shots for the end. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


@tipu curate 🍄


Nice photo

some mushrooms in winter are very unique and interesting ..... extraordinary.

Yes, and I didn't expect them, so were a really cool surprise :)

Those wood Blewits are really good, they are tricky to find around here though. Those turkeytails almost remind me of black staining polypore.

I see the Blewits rarely in the area around my hometown ... but in the inland of the peninsula I found some places with plenty of them ... although I haven't visited those places for years now.