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When I came back from my weekly shopping today, when I parked the car in the usual place in front of my house ... and to be completely precise, when I got out of the car, took a bag filled with groceries and on my third step towards the house ...


... I noticed these Tripe fungi ...


... at the base of the laurel tree.


Here you can see the car ... and a bit of the general, very mundane small town setting in winter.


Auricularia mesenterica is the name of this species ... it has similarities, and is also related to the Wood ear fungi, the Auricularia auricula-judae ... the similarity is stronger on the lower side of the fruiting body ...


... while on the upper side resembles a Turkey tail fungi.


These fungi were probably here for quite some time, but I noticed them only today ... maybe because is Fungy Fridey, and so my brain is on the Fungi mission from the early morning ... on some deep, unconscious level :)

As always, the photographs are made by me.


awesome fungus, I love those velvet milk chocolate tones a lot! and their whimsical contours, as well. awesome macro captures. thanks you for sharing this beauty with us - your post is nominated for #OCD curation.

I noticed them only today ... maybe because is Fungy Fridey, and so my brain is on the Fungi mission from the early morning ... on some deep, unconscious level

probably, exactly like this!


Happy #FungiFriday!!

:D Thank you ... this winter is very humid and not too cold, so the fungi continuously surprise me all around the garden ... just when I think I saw the last one for this season, I find something new.

its not like this here. -15, -20C and tonns of snow.
this is what I could find yesterday two days ago:


uuu ... you have some really strong minus temperatures, that is a completely different level of cold :) I would like to find some snow for a change ... here it falls only once in a decade, approximately ... and only for one day or less, usually. :) Every climate has a different set of cool things and attractions.

This mushroom is very beautiful from the shape of the mushroom looks very strange ...

When I was reading this post, I noticed they are indeed similar to wood-ear fungus. Do you know if this species is edible?

According to the information I found, it is not poisonous ... so theoretically can be eaten, although in practice is tasteless, tough and leathery, the same sources say ... in some articles on the internet is listed as edible, in others inedible ... I didn't found anything about some kind of tea being made with these fungi ... I never tried it.

I know such mushrooms, apparently your weather is humid and not cold ...

Yes, the winter here is never very cold ... the temperature rarely goes under 5 degree Celsius, usually is between 5 - 15, and many days feel more like early spring ... and this winter is also more humid than usual, so I keep finding more fungi than I expected.

We have this winter, not too cold, and very dirty, so there is no way to go to the forest ... (And in the forest there is 100 percent Flammulina velutipes!

Many Flammulina velutipes surely make a colorful winter spectacle :) It's difficult to go in the forest because the paths are muddy ?

For almost a month there was fog and rain, all forest roads are solid mud! Therefore, you need either special equipment, or until the dirt dries)

Interesting. Pretty extreme winter environment.

At the beginning of winter there was snow and cold, and from the first of January it cut off ... But it seems like they promise, according to the weather forecast, again snow in a couple of days!