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I just realised it's been awhile since I posted some mushrooms...

I guess it's also because somehow despite all the rain we've been having, they have been conspicuously missing from around here!

People think we have lots of fungi here because we're in the tropics, but maybe in the jungles... Here, I can hardly find any!

Every off and on, we get a patch of them...
And usually the same ol' kind!
Haha... boringgg...

So... these here today are my lil recent collection
Just two types which I was real lucky to find around my apartment compound

These are of course, for @ewkaw's #FungiFriday!


Surprisingly, these are new around here
They don't grow in the garden, rather just by the side of the road
On the curb, where a little grass strip lies


I love how white they are!
This one is more dome-shaped and partly chewed up
That's the best part...
We get a better view of the insides!
what are shroom shots without the gills, ehhh...


These two I'm guessing are older
They've kinda opened up, like an umbrella
Didn't save them from being chewed tho'


More gills!
And those little bits on the top
Not sure what type these are,
or even if those "bits" on top have a name for them


Just a little further was this little fella
Someone may have kicked it off its stump/stem
So I could get a good look inside without actually breaking the top off


Here's a better overhead look at it
See the stem right next to it...
(Nope, I swear I did not pluck it off!)
It was already like that when I found it


A good close look at the gills of a larger one that had fallen sideways
Like layers of petticoat!
I just hit some button, and this got posted before I finished...
I was going to say "Look, it's doing a Marilyn Monroe!"


A close-up look into the two holes....
Yup, more gills
Also to see how it got eaten!


I walked to another corner and found this different specie sitting on another grass strip
Unfortunately, not many of these, just two
This larger one seem to have a harelip!


One corner seems to have flipped upwards and over!
On a shroom!

A note - I was just walking from the car park when I found these, so didn't have my camera with me
So, these were all taken with my mobile phone

Cheers, everyone...
...and Have a Good Weekend
Remember to stay safe!

Captured with SONY Xperia M5 | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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"meeoooowww...." 😽💕


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Thanks, pix!

They must be very delicious! :P

Hehe, yeah.... to some... ;)

Great close up shots that 3rd last photo looks like a Stringray fish swimming around in the green grass 🤣

Hahaha, I see what you mean! :D Seagrass!

Lol...Seagrass Stringray 🤣🤣