I found new shrooms!

in Fungi Loverslast month

You would never expect where either...

Took the camera and the new lens downstairs to look for a new crop of mushrooms... I expected to find some after all the rain we've been having

True enough, I did find some... some of the usual kind (you're probably bored with those) around a tree stump, and... ahaaaaa.... more importantly, presenting........ these lil cuties!

Before anything else... this post is for @ewkaw's #FungiFriday!

(Lol... always thought it sounded like FunkyFriday!
I guess fungi...
🍄 ...are funky! 😄


An extra tight shot
Just to show you how pretty these babies are
What gills!
And the edges are so furry....
They are babies too! In size, I mean
That largest one at the top is about 7-8mm across
It was a wonder I saw them at all...


You know those wooden cable wheels/spools/reels??
Where electric or phone cables are wound around
They were doing some cable work here and there were some of these left around...
And that's where these babies were!
The wood grain even looked bigger than the shrooms!


From afar, they looked like some cotton buds sprouting from the wood, and seams
Except some of them seem to look as if they had 'teeth'....


Click into the shot and take a closer look...
Well, ok, ok... they are kinda furry edges


That's part of the wooden wheel
and how the shrooms looked like on it
If I zoomed out to the full wheel, you won't be able to see the fungi any more!




Happy FungiFriday, folks!
Remember... shrooms don't just grow on the ground...
Look up, and around... every once in awhile...

Captured with SONY A5100 + Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS lens | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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 last month (edited)

These little cuties are found on old wood everywhere in the world except Antarctica. Called Split gill fungi

Ooohhh, they are amazing... so tiny! And so pretty for tiny things like that...
Thank you for the name - now I can read more about them! :)

They look beautiful...

Am so glad you like them! 😊 And not think they are just 'spots'! Lol...
Thank you!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 18 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you, pix! :)

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Such a tiny little things!!
See? You have shroomsies there :)

Yeah! I was surprised to see them there... and I actually saw them from a distance off as they looked odd on the wheel. Hehe, now I need to go find more... more... MORE..........! :D

@ewkaw, isnt it worth an OCD vote? so sympatico!

I'm amazed with the pictures even when I dont really like mushrooms 😄

Haha, me no mushroom (eating) fan either! 😄 But I do marvel at their beauty...
Thank you for dropping by and commenting!

heyo! love your crop this week. nikv says they are wide spread allover the world except of Antarctic -- but I havent seem them, too! not exactly these ones. and something hints me they would look damn good in monochrome and via macro lens... btw, you mentioned you took the news lens?.. what it was -- 50mm 1.8?

Yup, 50mm 1.8 - still fiddling around with it, but learning with this is easier!

I took tons of shots... lol - unfortunately these tiny things aren't easy to focus on... Many came out blurry on the laptop, sighhh... I read they are edible! Surprise, surprise - not that I would try them! Good to know though... :)

50mm is fantastic lens! was my fave thru the decade. I had 3 in my posession, and dont mind getting more (some manuals, with delicious bokeh). 50mm is powerful and artsy (not for the tint macros...imo). I wish you 100 tonns more of great captures!

Wow, three! :D
Haha, thanks! Not really inspired now to go walkabout for shots - but I really should, since most people are off the streets (not really, lol) and should be able to get more people-free shots... :) We'll see....

most people are off the streets

thats is due to the rain season, right?
maybe thats bad for a streetphoto, but good for other sorts of pictured :P

wow, three!

well, my 1st one was the simplest and cheapest canon 1.8, which i obtained (lol!) for its price, blindly, like a cat in a bag... it was just the only one I could afford at the time back in 2006, hehe. hanging around at this photographer level-up staircase, at some point I changed it to the 1.4 version (which is far better, but still... not enought - in comparison with some others)... and 2 years ago I changed it for Sigma 1.4 version - which is a really perfect one (not an Art series, if you are curious). but I slightly suspect that Sony - Zeiss version is of same quality or maybe even better

and I would like to have some manual 50-mm ones, bokehlicious etc.
i could direct you to one of the posts of axeman (cherries blossom in the evening) made with a very special 50mm lens, but I dont have this link with me rn... maybe you have seen it, tho -- it was applied to Qurator's Bokeh weekly challenge :P

Yeah, I meant, less people in my shots of the city/landmarks, etc - something I've been meaning to do. The heat of day and in the city really puts me off... lol - says the procrastinator! ;) That seems like a good collection... I started getting more serious in photography only recently, while the interest has always been there... so am considered a young hobby for me. Taken me ages to get this lens - my first :)

probably now you will not need any other lens, for ages
unless you will feel intrest in birding (will need tele) or macro (need macro) ;)

These are edible splitgill mushrooms. Though i'm not sure the wood might have chemicals in it. I like collecting these and pickling them, they have a deep mushroomy taste and can be stored for a long time.

Oh yes! The moment I picked up the name from nikv, I checked up on them and found out they're edible! Surprise, surprise!! You're right - no idea where /what has landed on those wooden spools, not gonna try eating these - small mouthfuls tho', lol...

Oh wow, I've seen quite a few mushrooms during my trips but never this type. They are really beautiful!

Hi Gabriela! My first definitely... :) Am so glad I caught them - they are beautiful - so tiny, so pretty! :)
Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

They are so tiny and quite pretty too.

Yes, they are... tiny pretties! :)
Thank you, @sunscape!

What a great find mother nature some times is just beyond belief that's truly amazing they are so cute 😊

Totally agree! Mother Nature proves that - Fact is indeed stranger than fiction!!
Thank you, @bigsambucca!!