BREASTFEEDING MONTH | August | Happy Latching

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Remembering our Last Year's "Hakab na" experience.


One of our unforgettable life event...


Hakab means “Latch”

and the phrase Hakab na! is an invitation for mothers to latch their baby onto their breast.
Every month of August Department of Health celebrates National Breastfeeding Awareness Month here in the Philippines.

Hakab Na! 2019 is the biggest breastfeeding event in the Philippines, which celebrates the World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month in August, hosted by Breastfeeding Pinays, an online forum of over 270,000 breastfeeding families.
Hakab Na! 2019


We really can't forget our experience attending that kind of event. I'm present there together with my Baby, my daughters and my husband. And we enjoyed it so much. There are a lot of Freebies and memorabilias that we have received on that very day. The bondings with other breastfeeding moms... It's soooo precious.
I'm hoping to have that kind of experience again but since we are experiencing this kind of pandemic. I think we're unable to have that again for this year. Still hoping that everything will be fine soon.



I also want to share my other blogs about Breastfeeding and Pumping...

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Since I'm a breastfeeding advocate I want to have a tattoo of this...
From #breastfeedingpinays

I'm a proud Breastfeeding Momma of my three kids.

Expressing this Loud and proud
From 2005, 2008, 2018 and counting.

Breastfeeding is Best!

Feeding them our Liquid Gold. Providing them the Tree of Life.



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Boob power!!!! hahahaha omg i love it!!! a whole event to celebrate breastfeeding and encourage it! It still amazes me how something so natural, easy, healthy and cheap is not done world wide enough that it has to have events like this to actually support it and teach people.

You have such a beautiful family! i am a mom of one he is 22 months old right now and still breastfeeding on free demand, there is nothing better and more bonding with your child than that, is what after all breast are for!!! lol.

thank you so much for sharing such a quality post in our community hopefully i get to see more from you here!

We will be having a virtual event this month not yet sure when. But they are announcing it. If you can go to my Facebook account. I'll tag you to our Breastfeeding event. What we call "Hakab na"

Thanks Ma. Wow you're also doing this. Our road to 24 months. My Baby is 21 months and we're breastfeeding on demand. I'm working at home but I see to it that I can provide the best and healthy meal for my child and its my Breastmilk. Our Liquid Gold. I'm also an breastfeeding advocate. Loud and Proud! I'm helping other moms about how to do it and also providing moral support. We are team here. All of us Moms. Nice meeting you virtually. I'm so glad that we're here as one. 💗

To correct because I'm unable to edit it. I'm having an error.
Instead of: I'm also an breastfeeding advocate.
Must be: I'm also a breastfeeding advocate.

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