Sunday barbeques are the best

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Oh yes! Sunday barbecues are the best especially when it's your Mum and Dad cooking!


Hot, juicy pork chops, sausages and freshly cut fries!


And of course some grilled bread on the side...


And don't forget the salad! Beets with a little garlic!


Join us while they're still warm!

Bon appetit!!

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What's wrong with Saturday barbecues? They are much better imo. Sundays suck, because the next day is Monday! YUCK!

Sunday barbeques have always been family barbecues, meaning Mum and Dad do all the cooking and I do all the eating! :P

DAAAAMN! Αντε γεια!

Να σου στείλω δυο παϊδάκια; :P

Siga min afise o @trumpman

Love barbecues with the family.

Yeah! Too bad the weather is getting colder, so barbeques will get rarer :(

True - but the family dinners still go on - indoors for now.

αυτο ειναι φαϊ! οσπρια και @@@

Ε ναι, χωρίς τσιτσί δεν είναι σωστό φαΐ! 🍖🍗🍟🌭