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RE: Відеощоденник 17.01.2021 (Перше відео на українському суржику)

in Team Ukraine3 months ago

Wow, I am amazed, so beautiful vlog and now I am telling you, you should start vlogging. Such a gorgeous scenario but I know the reality of winter ;) The bridge looks interesting and is that a neighborhood area or storage of something? Here we have such kind of woodland too, I guess they are the symbol of Ukrainian neighborhood, a space full of trees. So a beautiful winter wonderland...

Thanks for showing us your area as well. One thing I would love to tell u, maybe you can use an attractive thumbnail or winter picture as a thumbnail.

Great Vlog...


Thanks for the motivation !!! Video is what I always wanted to do. I think the time has come :)
Thanks for the support. It remains to learn the international (English) language, at least to the level of spoken language, and then you can safely create a video.

Thanks again. I will work on the video yet, this is the beginning.