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Many of you might notice my inactivity. From the past few weeks, I am silent, restless, and was feeling intense because of so many things that were ongoing in my mind. There is nothing wrong with that, I was kinda frustrated on the current situation of my life but it's time to overcome. I think we all have to face good times, bad times in life and it's part of our life, full of ups and downs and turning points as well. I am more focused on real-life rather than creating content. Yes, I create content just for consistency that's all. I am so many things to do with my real life.

At the beginning of 2020, I made some plans and resolutions which I couldn't fulfill because of the current situation. I also waited for the normal lifestyle which seemed kinda impossible so I decided to go with the flow. My mind was broken restless because of so much negativity which I got from people but yes, I have not broken after all. I have faced and seen enough of my life so these things are nothing to me at all. It's not like I don't feel bad or I don't care, I can't avoid all the circumstances or I was forced to accept so many decisions because of the current crisis but it's okay. I took time for myself so that I can make plans adjusting to the situation. I couldn't avoid the consequences, I couldn't ignore all the things which I was facing but instead of breaking down, I decided to move forward and rearranged myself.


My time was rough but this rough time taught me lessons. The lessons of patience and showed me the reality of life. No matter what you are facing, no matter how much your feelings, emotions are hard and intense, your life is unstoppable and you just can't suddenly stop. You can take a break, you can pause for a while but you can't stop because if you stop, you are not doing a proper judgment of your life. My silence helped me a lot, my own self-time made me realize that it's time to move forward with the flow and it's wise to adjust with the situation.


My rough, raw and intense emotions forced me to stop for a while and think. I know my upcoming days are full of uncertainty and I don't know when I will be able to fulfill my plans and schedules. But I can make short term plans for those I don't need to wait when things gonna be normal. As I have mentioned that life is unstoppable so it's better to make the best out of this situation.

I am going to take some responsibilities which I was planning for a long time. Also, I know there will be a financial crisis so I am also thinking backup plans for it. I am glad that one of my friends is helping me a lot to get out and overcome this overwhelming situation. I am really thankful to her.

From today, I have started rearranging my plans and started to work on it. I don't know about success or failure but I wanna take risks. No matter what will happen but from my thoughts, I just don't wanna regret it. I know there will be opportunities, one day everything will be normal and I am just dealing with the bad time, that's all...

Soon, you will also notice some changes in my life, I will share some of my plans and exciting news with you.

I am ready for another fight... :)





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Nice! Can't wait to see what you'll be doing next! Don't let these Covidified times get you down!
I, too, would like to keep on travelling the world... but if it's not possible, it's not possible. Whatcha gonna do? 🙄

Well, I am not going to travel now but I am going to find something positive for myself which will keep me busy and happy as well... :D I will share the news very soon... :D

I decided to move forward and rearranged myself.

That’s the way to live

Exactly, Thank you Nathan...

Life does not always go the way we plan. It is the issues we face that define who we. As this is when we have to dig deep and show who we really are as a person.
It is important to stay positive . When life’s issues are dragging us down we need to fight and sometimes take help from those around us.

Sending you some positive vibes to help you. I hope you find some positives in your life to help you regain your balance.
Have an awesome day!

Completely agree with you my friend. I know this is a hard time and it will pass very soon. I just hope that things will recover soon and I will be able to get back to my normal life.
Thanks a lot for reading...

@priyanarc "Life is unstoppable" I like that... and so are you. Sometimes it's good to reflect on situations and circumstances to see how we can best keep moving forward. 😀❤🙏

Exactly, I am not going to look behind in fact I have decided to adjust to the current situation...

how are you dear friend @priyanarc good day
I am very sorry to know what you were going through, the good thing is that you have been able to meet again and move on, that is what life is about, to overcome every obstacle that arises every day
Without a doubt your planning will be successful
happy start to the weekend

Thank you my friend, that is the best thing I find it for myself, to be honest.
I have to adjust with the circumstances and situations and move forward...

Congratulations on your huge step forward. I started to enjoy reading your articles, it's time for myself to include them in my plan :)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your humble feedback and I am glad that you start liking my post and decided to work on your upcoming plans too...
This is life, we just need to inspire each other...

we just need to inspire each other...

2000 %

glad that you found your way to live with those emotions and feelings. I am excited about your upcoming life changes! Keep us updated!

Hopefully, soon I will post the updates and I am also excited for those changes and I am ready for it. Thanks, brother for reading :)


Thank you :)