I have gifted myself some Roses ....

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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
Ansel Adams

So, photography is not only an art, it represents reality. Sometimes a photo expresses more real than reality. It reveals the reality, it expresses thousands of words silently. It's a frame of memories that makes us nostalgic. It takes us to a freezing moment of truth...

Anyway, why I love capturing pictures?

Most of my captures are random, like anything... Whatever I see nice, I just grab my phone and take a picture. Later, either I post or just create a backup file and delete later...

The entire concept became a habit of mine, I love to see the pictures, good bad whatever they are but they represent something. A freezing moment with words, which made me go back and live at that moment. Sometimes it expresses the beauty or true meaning of life.

Anyway, I bought some flowers recently so I tried to do microphotography. I won't say it's a fail or worst idea because I am happy with the outcome/result...


I bought a bunch of pink roses for my home recently, so I decided to do some droplets photography from my smartphone.

My phone is old model and resolution/ pixel is okay, not high quality as I expected but not worst. So, it's a normal phone according to current versions.




I really wanted to focus on the rose with droplets but it's hard to focus on using my phone. But at least I can express the concept.


I also tried to capture pictures from different angles to create a nice story. My main focus was to create a nice wallpaper to express my feelings. I have already created a story with bunch of photographs for social media. I really like to share my day with my followers.



I wanted to make my day special that's why I gifted this bunch of flowers to me... LOL...Basically I rewarded myself for nothing. Just wanted to see a nice vibe around me with some fresh flowers.

I chose pink roses and white carnations specifically because it's summer and for freshness. Normally I love red roses but pink roses are cute for summer.


I ended up capturing some weird frame pictures just to get some pictures of droplets. I think I should have chosen red roses instead of pink roses for my concept. Anyway, next time...

As I have mentioned that I won't say it is a failed experiment of photography. It's an average experiment. I am glad what I have done so far and .....

Moreover, I enjoyed capturing these pictures and that's all matters....


I hope you have enjoyed the photographs...

This is a photography post and I am keeping it simple...

Thanks for appreciating my works always...

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”
Don McCullin


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Basically I rewarded myself for nothing. Just wanted to see a nice vibe around me with some fresh flowers.


It seems to me that someone is missing her boyfriend! 🤭

Na man it's nothing like that :D

I was teasing you! 😁

:P :P :P I understood hehehe...

how are you dear friend @priyanarc
I love this method of adding water droplets, especially the flowers are very good, I usually do that kind of thing in my images and I like how they look. yours were very beautiful.
What a beautiful gift you have made yourself.
Thank you very much for showing us your photography work.
have a wonderful night

I have seen many people do hard work for desire photos, according to that my effort is nothing. I am thinking to come up with some new ideas. Let's see how everything goes, it's getting hot here so it's hard to go outside nowadays...
I will try to go out today, let's see...
Thanks my friend for appreciating my work.
Have a nice day...

That sounds great, you sure do a great job.
I hope the color slows down a bit so that you can go out and enjoy that beautiful place where you live
have a beautiful morning

I think generally the auto focus is really great if you ask me, it's still better than my own and while you edit it, it produces decent captures it's still great by all means.

Last picture I have edited and others I didn't because I wanted to see the real pictures of droplets. That's why I took the time and choose my home to practice and capture these pictures with proper lighting.
Anyway, at least I feel they are not worst... They are good for posting :P

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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