Touched by the Sun

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At certain circumstances and having certain skills you do not really need Photoshop to get some nice special effects inside the frame originally. To name the one - is definitely the Sun flair. Well, it still depends on the lens you use. Some doesn't want to communicate with Sun, but some brings just amazing result if you catch it in a right direction

This very wide angle lens one of those, which allows really to play nice. And it is really hard to replicate such an effect in Photoshop afterwards, it is too multi layer with all those circles, lines and color variations

So, the next shot from recent Forest Faeries conceptual art photoshoot. And this particular Fairy was definitely tuched by the sun...

Natural light only. Post production/color grading in LR+PS



Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

CameraCanon 1Ds Mark II / Sigma 12-24mm / Natural Light

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