Curonian Calmness

in Team Ukraine11 months ago

Totally calm sunset at Curonian Gulf, Lithuania. Even long exposure was not necessary due already perfect mirror water surface.
Nice cloud formations with very special colors combination. And this set of stones in the water playes perfect foreground role

Wide angle lens, closer and lower shooting point. LEE filters

Enjoy the scenery!


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CameraCanon 5D Mark II / Canon 17-35mm f2.8/L / Natural Light

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hahaha u need to add a futuristic piece of jewelry and make it look like 90s vaporwave sea punk arty

it looks like netscape navigator zen art bro lol

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Надзвичайно гарна фотографія. Я б хотіла собі таку картину

Yes ! Nice shot again ! I think you installed these rocks by yourself for your photos !! ;-)