Rave starter kit (15 essentials to go hard)

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"Are you thinking of going to a rave? Let this quick-guide be your friend."

How to prepare

There are many ways you could approach a night out to a rave. You could just go to it like any other live music event. OR (if you like to dance) you could come prepared. This quick-guide aims to help you ready up.


Pictured : @daltono with Kompany

15 Rave Essentials

1. Your favorite underwear


Lets start this list off by covering the basics. Nobody wants to deal with discomfort while they are dancing. The extra adventureous may opt to go commando. Seriously think about this first choice carefully, your pride and joy depend on it.

2. Comfortable socks


Unless you’re one of those crazy people who can wear sandals on a dance floor, socks are essential. Prefarbly some that cover your heel well so that you do not get blisters.

3. Your favorite shoes (that you don't mind getting dirty)


Style and comfort both play an important role here. Your shoes will get sticky, many people will be drinking/spilling alcohol all over the dance floor all night. Plus you’re almost guaranteed to be stepped on at least once.

4. Comfortable shorts


Treat a rave like any other fitness activity. Pockets are not important (refer to #6), but range of motion most certainly is. Dancing in jeans would be a nightmare for me.

5. Tank top


Again less is more here. Covering your body fully just isn’t really needed during a rave. You will see girls in lingerie and some guys even end up taking their shirts off (venue permitting).

6. Fanny pack


No matter what you have in your mind about why fanny packs are lame, forget it now! This is the most useful bag ever, espcially while raving. Think of it like Batman’s utility belt. You won’t have to worry about your phone/keys/etc bouncing out of your pocket this way. Most packs even have room for some food and drinks. You will notice these are a lot more popular at raves than in everyday life.

7. Water


Stay hydrated! If you go half as hard as some do, you will sweat buckets. Drinking water intermittently is wise as to not become dehydrated. Otherwise even if you do not drink alcohol at the rave, you could still wake up with a sort of “hangover” due to lack of water in your body. Some venues may have strict rules about bringing in your own water, so be prepared to get water from the bar/fountain.

8. Snacks


This one could be huge if you burn through calories quickly. You can easily burn through 1500-2000cal in just 4 hrs at a rave. This may or may not cause you to feel the rumbles in your tummy. If so, something as simple as a protein bar could be life-changing towards the later part of the show.

9. Your smartphone & e-ticket


Gone are the days of printing out your ticket at home beforehand. Now almost every single event has a mobile ticket option, meaning your smartphone will have an image for the staff to scan at the door. Have it ready upon arrival

10. Your ID


Also needed upon arrival. Most shows are 18 and up, some are 21 and up. Do your research before buying a ticket. Just do not forget your ID, most places are pretty strict about it.

11. Cash for drinks/merch


Reducing your typical full-sized wallet is quite useful, especially in regards to saving space in your fanny pack. Remember what was said before about possibly not being able to bring your own water into the venue. Cash is important for quick transactions and not having to open a tab at the bar. Merchandise is easy to avoid, but rememeber that it’s a great way to support your favorite artists.

12. Decent cardio


Heavy bass and a high energy crowd intensifies what dancing typically is. You most likely will be very sore the following days after a rave, especially your legs and neck. Even if your’re in shape, your muscles may be surprised.

13. A towel


Some may want a towel during the rave, but all will certainly be searching for one after the show. Nobody wants to get in their car all sweaty if they don’t have to.

14. Sweatshirt and pants for before and after (beanie optional)


This is especially important for raves during the winter. Going outside in the cold while dripping sweat is a quick way to get sick. That’s why drying off and changing clothes is a smart idea, especially if you have a long drive home.

15. Eat some food before


You know you are going to be burning through a lot of calories, so stacking up a surplus prior to the rave is the obvious move. This can be compared to making sure you eat before getting a tattoo. Things are just much easier to endure this way.

(DOUBLE BONUS) Smartwatch & Hi-fi earplugs


Something such as an Apple Watch can track your heart rate and be able to give a pretty precise estimation of how much fitness activity you rack up while dancing for hours. Its really cool, but not essential. Any smartwatch should suffice.

If you have senstive ears OR just wish to preserve your hearing, then Hi-Fidelity Earplugs may be for you. Vibes are recommended, which can be had for around $20.

You are now ready!


The rave essentials list is complete. Perhaps you will find this info beneficial and in turn may be more prepared to enjoy the music!

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