Why it Rains

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Have you ever found yourself spinning a story when no story needs to be spun? I understand, thousands, or even just "hundreds," of years ago when human scientific knowledge was in it's infancy and revolved around watching the stars and the moon, we would create stories to explain the world around us.

These stories were great! They brought us Thor, slayer of giants and frenemy of Loki; Heracles and his wondrous labours; Macuiltochtli and drunkenness, and Horus the avenger and forever arch-enemy of Seth. To the people that made these stories, these stories were more than just entertainment; they were explanations of the unknown and teachings of how to live.

Interestingly, there are a large number of ancient deities of drunkenness. Beer has played a huge part in the growth of human civilisation. This apparently needs to be another few comic strips!

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I remember reading about the 'nectar of the gods', and to this day, have yet try any. I think absinthe is close, but not sure. LOL - the search continues...😝

Haha, yeah, it's close. I had it for the first time New Years 2019. I should have kept drinking it through 2020!

Right? WOuld have made it a more acceptable year, sheesh.

Some of the 'god' stories are very strange. Seems the Norse gods were always fighting, but then the people who made them up had a hard life. Of course religious people will say all gods are made up apart from theirs.

Have a !BEER, no god required.

Yep, I agree; mythologies arose from the people to explain their current lot in life, and it was a heavy reflection of them. Makes for some of the greatest stories though.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

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