Comic Books to Consider For the Week of 09.09.2020

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It's an easy week. I'l take it. I spent way too much money tracking down that Batman 92 store variant and Dell'Otto's Disney. Way too much money...

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It's beautiful, rare, and expensive. If you find this one somehow today relatively cheap, pick it up. I think this one will have some long term's Punchline, after all.

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This Coipel variant is very cool; at $6 USD, it's getting a bit over $10 currently on eBay.

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Last but not least is this 1:25 ratio by Inhyuk Lee. Sales are in the $45 - $50 rangs, with listings now above $60 USD. Another one you could flip if you find it close to ratio.

That's it; a very light weak as I said. There are a couple of store variants I will be eyeing up again soon, and I'll publish some thoughts on Hive yet this week. Thanks as always for reading!


I’m just a bit out of the loop, but aren’t DC titles releasing at shops on Tuesday now? Has that complicated your weekly hunts?

oh yeah - unfortunately my local store started "selling out" prior to opening on Wednesday mornings right around the time of Batman 89 and Hell Arisen 3, so I actually haven't visited throughout COVID. Tuesdays are kind of fun as you can see what DC books are hot throughout the day on eBay.